Senior Thesis Panel


Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Thompson Room, Barker Center



Senior Thesis Panel

Tuesday, April 9th 7-8.30pm

Thompson Room, Barker Center


Come hear about the kind of work students do in Comparative Literature

List of presenters:

Mahnoor Ali
Tutor: Ernie Mitchell
Mentor: David Damrosch
Title: Authoring Curation: Museumized Spaces in Orhan Pamuk and Harvard University

Kieren Kresevic Salazar
Tutor: Francesca Bellei
Mentor: Marc Shell
Title: Thinking through the Archipelago: Migrant’s Search for Inclusion

            Mateo Lincoln, Joint Music I         
Tutor: Thomas Wisniewski
Mentor: Chaya Czernowin (Music Department)
Title: The Tempest: A Musical

Iriowen Ojo

Tutor: Thomas Wisniewski

Mentor: Katharina Piechocki

Title: Branding Nostalgia: Memory, Nationalism, and Chef’s Table


Faith Pak
Tutor: Shijung Kim
Mentor: Karen Thornber
Title: With the Stars: A Translation of the Poetry of Joe Young-chul (1938––)

Dessert and refreshments will be provided