Senior Thesis Panel


Thursday, April 7, 2022, 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Thompson Room, Barker Center


Senior Thesis Panel

Thursday, April 7th 7-9pm

Thompson Room, Barker Center


Come hear about the kind of work students do in Comparative Literature!


Senior Presenters:

Alia Abiad

Tutor: João Marcos Copertino Pereira
Mentor: Karen Thornber

Title: Care and Coloniality: A Comparative Analysis of Memoirs of Healers from the Philippines and Mexico

Byung Joon Lee

Tutor: Christian Struck
Mentor: Samantha Matherne

Title: Modern Machines, Modern Ghosts: Intention, Creativity and Artificial Intelligence in Postwar American Literature and Philosophy

Jerrica Li

Tutor: Patrick Chimenti
Mentor: Martin Puchner

Title: This New Planetary Reality: On the Borders of Genre in Chinese Diasporic Fiction 

Sam Lincoln

Tutor: Tony Shannon
Mentor: David Elmer

Title: Layers of Antiquity: An Epigraphic Analysis of Cy Twombly’s Poetic Inscriptions

Adam Sella

Tutor: Paul Chouchana
Mentor: David Damrosch

Title: Reading Photos, Seeing Text: Understanding the Enigmatic Relationship between Photography, Narration, and Nature in W.G. Sebald’s The Emigrants, Edward Said’s After the Last Sky, and Jennifer Croft’s Homesick

Shruthi Venkata

Tutor: Patrick Chimenti
Mentor: Verena Conley

Title: Media-ted Space: Narrative, Art, and Technology in Reconstructing Times Square

Ethan Whang

Tutor: Rita Goldberg
Mentor: John Hamilton

Title: The Automatization of Reading: A Study of Fiction from the Underground to the Internet