Congratulations to all the Comp Lit recipients of a Fall 2017 Teaching Award from the BOK Center!

March 7, 2018
BOK award

Please join us in congratulating all the recipients of a Fall 2017 Teaching Award from the Bok Center in the Department of Comparative Literature!

Lecturer Certificate of Excellence:
Cécile Guédon - COMPLIT 110: Literary Theory in Comparison - An Introduction
Roanne Kantor - COMPLIT 144: Stories at the Border

Graduate Students TFs Certificates of Distinction:
Matylda Figlerowicz - SPANSH 113: Cultural and Political Myth-Making: Eva Peron, Che Guevara, Simon Bolivar and La Malinche with Professor Diana Sorensen
Carrie Geng – CULTBF 58: Case Studies in Medical Humanities with Professors David Shumway Jones, Arthur Kleinman, and Karen Thornber
Lana Jaffe Neufeld - SPANSH 20: Intermediate Spanish: Language and Culture in the Hispanic World with Professor Adriana Gutierrez
Björn Kühnicke – German BAB: Beginning German (Intensive)

Other TF winner, former Lit Undergrad:
Oliver Strand (’11): FRSEMR 61R: Shape Shifting Your Reality with Professor Nora Schultz

Our heartiest congratulations to all for their excellent work!