Congratulations to all the Comp Lit recipients of a Fall 2018 Teaching Award from the BOK Center!

March 13, 2019
Bok Awards

Please join us in congratulating all the recipients of a Fall 2018 Teaching Award from the Bok Center in the Department of Comparative Literature!

Graduate Students TFs Certificates of Distinction

Aurélien Bellucci - AESTHINT 50: Literature and Medicine with Professor Karen Thornber & COMPLIT 211: Mysticism and Literature with Professor Luis Girón-Negrón
Fangdai Chen - HUMAN 12: Essential Works In World Literature with Professor David Damrosch and Professor Martin Puchner
Sarah Corrigan - RELIGION 57: Faith and Authenticity: Religion, Existentialism and the Human Condition with Professor David Lamberth, Professor Courtney Lamberth, and Professor Cornel West
Ilana Freedman - CULTBLF 22: The Ancient Greek Hero: Mythology and Facing Death with Professor Greg Nagy
Shijung Kim - COMPLIT 113: Existential Fictions: From Saint Augustine to Jean-Paul Sartre and Beyond with Professor Verena Conley
Jacob Meister - AESTHINT 50: Literature and Medicine with Professor Karen Thornber
Lana Jaffe Neufeld - SPANSH 50: Advanced Spanish II: Creative Writing and Performance with Dr. Adriana Gutiérrez
Alberto Parisi - PHIL 129, Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason with Professor Samantha Matherne
Victoria Queneau - ENGLISH 20: Introduction to Advanced Literary Study with Professor David Alworth
Thomas Wisniewski - CULTBLF 34: Madness and Medicine: Themes in the History of Psychiatry with Professor Anne Harrington
Our heartiest congratulations to all for their excellent work!