Congratulations to all the Comp Lit recipients of a Spring 2017 Teaching Award from the BOK Center!

September 20, 2017
BOK award

Please join us in congratulating all the recipients of a Spring 2017 Teaching Award from the Bok Center in the Department of Comparative Literature!

Lecturer Certificate of Excellence
Cécile Guédon - COMPLIT 97: Sophomore Tutorial
Roanne Kantor - COMPLIT 130: Disability and World Literature

Graduate Students TFs Certificates of Distinction
Daniel Behar - CULTBLF 23: From Hebrew Bible to Judaism with Professor Shaye Cohen
Marina Connelly - COMPLIT 97: Sophomore Tutorial with Dr. Cécile Guédon
Matylda Figlerowicz - SPANSH 165: Bilingual Arts with Professor Doris Sommer
Yun Ni - COMPLIT 343AB: Professing Literature with Professor David Damrosch
Will Tamplin - ARABIC AB: Elementary Arabic with Dr. Luke Leafgren
Hudson Vincent - AESTHINT 56: Shakespeare, The Later Plays with Professor Marjorie Garber

Other TF winners, members of the Comp Lit Tutorial Board:
Nicholas Rinehart - ENGLISH 68: Migrations: American Immigrant Literature with Professor Glenda Carpio
Kylie Sago - FRENCH 11: Beginning French II
Ernie Mitchell - ETHRSON 42: Sex and Ethical Reasoning with Professor Mark Jordan

Our heartiest congratulations to all for your excellent work!