2017-2018 Courses

The online Course Catalog for 2017-2018 is available to the Harvard Community on my.harvard.edu.
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Fall 2017 Courses:

For your convenience, here is a
downloadable Fall 2017 schedule (organized by course numbers and by weekly schedule).

FALL 2017





CL 102: Comparing, Connecting, Compos(t)ing: Comparative Literature from Jules Vernes to Slumdog Millionaire

Katharina Piechocki

Fri, 3-5pm

CL 110: Literary Theory in Comparison - An Introduction

Cécile Guédon

Thu 4-6pm

CL 119:  Poetry in Flux - Dance Afoot

Cécile Guédon

Tues 4-6pm + Films M 4-6pm

CL 137: Binding of Isaac/Child Sacrifice Pros and Cons

David Stern

Tu-Th 10-11.30am

CL 144: Stories at the Border

Roanne Kantor

Mon 2-4pm

CL 180/GER 180:  Bargaining with the Devil: The Faust Legend - COURSE ADDED in JULY John Hamilton Wed 3-5pm

CL 190: Translation: Language at Work

Marc Shell

Wed 1-3pm

CL 201: Questions of Theory

John Hamilton - Jeffrey Schnapp

Fri 10-12am

CL 252: The Literatures of Medieval Iberia

Luis Girón-Negrón

Wed 3-5pm

CL 274: Politics of Aesthetics

Verena Conley

Thu 1-3pm

CL 277: Literature, Diaspora, and Global Trauma

Karen Thornber

Tues 10-12

CL 298: Allegory

Panagiotis Roilos

Tue 2-4pm

CL 299ar: Comparative Literature in Theory and Practice

Katharina Piechocki

Fr 12-2pm

CL 343 AA, BA, CA: Professing Literature

Verena Conley

Tue 6-8pm



ANE 130: The Birth of Biblical Religion - Israel Knohl


CB 22: The Ancient Greek Hero - Greg Nagy


CB 58: Case Studies in Medical Humanities - David Shumway Jones, Arthur Kleinman, Karen Thornber


CHNSLIT 276R: Topics in Tang Literature - Stephen Owen


ENG 250LP: seminar in Romantic literature and politics - James Engell


FRSEMR 60L: Thinking about the Unthinkable: Love, Emotion and Hard Times in Literature - Rita Goldberg


FRSEMR 61I: Heretics, Gangster, Writers - Saul Zaritt


JEWISHST 225: Messianism in Early Judaism and Christianity - David Stern


RLL 201/CL 201: Questions of Theory - John Hamilton, Jeffrey Schnapp


SLAVIC 192: Institutions of Literature - William Todd








CL 97: Sophomore Tutorial

Cécile Guédon


CL 120: Games - Tricks, Puns and Plots in Literature and Culture

Cécile Guédon


CL 126: Native Intelligence - Narrative, Literature, Ethnography

Roanne Kantor


CL 138: Subversive Renaissance: Books that Changed the World

Katharina Piechocki


CL 152: Poetry and Opera

Greg Nagy


CL 166: Jews, Humor, and the Politics of Laughter

Saul Zaritt


Comp Lit 173: Carmen and the Art of Seduction

John Hamilton, Federico Cortese, Lisa Parkes


CL 188: Futurisms

Jeffrey Schnapp


CL 237: Non-English Languages and Literatures of What is Now the United States

Marc Shell


CL 249: Cartography and Early Modern Literature

Katharina Piechocki


CL 258: Ancient Interpretation of the Bible

David Stern


CL 288: The Ancients and the Moderns: Modern Critical Theory and the Classics

Panagiotis Roilos


CL 296: Mobility and Materiality: Case Studies in Networks of Collecting and Displacement

Diana Sorensen


CL 343 AB, BB, CB: Professing Literature

Verena Conley




AE 39: Tradition and Transformation - David Wang


CHNSLIT 242: From Fiction Into History - David Wang


CHNSLIT 276R: Topics in Tang Literature - Xiaofei Tian


CLS-STDY 145: Dreams and Literature - Panagiotis Roilos


FRSEMR 61O: Global Crime Fiction: Tackling Crime, Corruption, and Social Disintegration - Karen Thornber


Modern Greek 145: Dreams: From Antiquity to Modernity - Panagiotis Roilos

Slavic 154: Seminar on Nabokov - Justin Weir