Aisha Dad-Van Veldhuizen

Aisha Dad-Van Veldhuizen

Graduate Student
Aisha Dad-Van Veldhuizen

Research Fields: Greek, Persian and Latin literature; Greek epic and tragedy; Persian epic; Latin epic; Urdu folklore and Dastan literature; oral poetics; performance studies; ancient Greek music; mythology; history and legend of Alexander the Great; themes: travel, kinship, heroes; allegory; Arthurian legend; medieval, renaissance and pre-modern epic (Dante, Milton, Tale of Genji); 19th-(20th) century American literature (Poe, Faulkner, Twain); magical realism; postmodernism.

Ph.D., Harvard University, Comparative Literature (expected May 2019)
MA., Brandeis University, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies (May 2013)
B.A. Honors, Wellesley College, Comparative Literature and Classical Civilization (May 2011)

Languages: Greek, Persian, Urdu, Latin, English

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