Cécile Guédon

Cécile Guédon

Associate Scholar
Visiting Lecturer, TDM 185G (Spring 2019)
Cécile Guédon

Research Fields: Modernism, Dance, Performance, Music, Film and Visual Arts. Inter-medial Studies and Comparative Arts. Literary Theory, Poetry, Twentieth-Century Literature. French Studies, German Thought. History of Science, Embodied Cognition.

Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Tutorial Board Member, Harvard University, 2015-2018.

Education: Ph.D. University of London, Humanities and Cultural Studies (2014); M.A. University College London, European Culture (2007); D.E.A. Université Paris IV-Sorbonne, Comparative Literature (2005); M.A. Université Paris-X Nanterre, Lettres Modernes (2004); B.A. Université Paris X-Nanterre, Lettres Modernes (2002).

Languages: English, French, Italian, German.

Dissertation Title: Abstraction in Motion: A Choreographic Approach to Modernism.

Contact Information

Spring 2019 Office Hours: Mondays 4-6, check with Lecturer for location