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Stella Lange

Max Kade Visiting Scholar

Stella Lange is a Max Kade Research Scholar at the Department of Comparative Literature mentored by Professor Jeffrey Schnapp. Her current research focuses on the performative aesthetics and interplay of precarity and agency in (post-)migrant theater and cinema from 1990 to 2020. In these productions, geolocated in Italian, French or transnational contexts, artists of various ethnicities, races, sexes, genders, and colonial entanglements draw on different insights into migration. Stella has been a lecturer for Italian Studies at the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Innsbruck University (Austria) and a postdoctoral researcher within the project Cinema of migration in Italy since 1992. In her first book Feelings ‘in black and white’ (short title; orig. in German), she rereads famous letters of Saint-Preux, Werther and Jacopo Ortis uncovering narrative representations of emotions. In the wake of Antonio Damasio’s studies she specifically reveals different reciprocities between emotion and cognition or rather consciousness and reflection in single letters due to epistemic changes from Late Enlightenment to Early Romanticism.