Roanne Kantor

Roanne Kantor

Lecturer in Comparative Literature
Roanne Kantor

Research Fields: Transnational exchange in the global south, Latin American and South Asian Literatures of the 20th century, intersections between literature, anthropology, and medicine. 

Education: Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin in Comparative Literature (2015), MA University of Texas at Austin in Comparative Literature (2011), BA University of California, Los Angeles in Comparative Literature (2008). 

Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu.

Current Projects and Publications:
"Common Ground: Filth as an Idiom of Critique in Two South Asian Communities" in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

"'My Heart, My Fellow Traveler': Fantasy, Futurity, and the Itineraries of Faiz Ahmed Faiz" in CSAS South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies

"Chasing Your (Josie) Bliss: The Troubling Critical Afterlife of Pablo Neruda's Burmese Lover" in Transmodernity: Journal of Peripheral Culture in the Luso-Hispanic World

The One Before by Juan José Saer, translated by Roanne Kantor. Open Letter Books. 

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