Undergraduate Tutorial Board


Sebastian Brass

Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow Member 2020-2021
Graduate Student in Germanic Languages and Literatures

Research Fields: German, Swiss, and Austrian literatures (and philosophy) of the 18th – 20th centuries, especially romanticism, realism, classical modernity, and Gruppe 47; American and German postmodern fiction; novels of formation/institution (Bildungsroman/Institutionenroman); history and theory of autobiography and autofiction (German, French, American); epistemic and literary case narratives; media theory and media aesthetics of reading/writing scenes; theories of fiction and imagination; narratology.... Read more about Sebastian Brass


Paul Chouchana

Graduate Student
Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow 2020-2021

Research Fields:
- Critical Theory / Poetics (Frankfurt School, French Theory, phenomenology, moral and political philosophy, psychoanalysis, semiotics, new materialism)
-19th and 20th century European novel, specifically in Russian, French, and English.
- Film theory and history
-Translation Studies and practice
- Education policy and equity

Themes: Memory, trauma, loss, exile, displacement, travel, bilingualism, bildungsroman, écriture de soi, childhood, space, cities, objects, modernity, consumer culture, politics of memory, WWII, literary markets, personal essay, cultural criticism, school.

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Sarah Corrigan

Graduate Student
Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow 2020-2021
Departmental Writing Fellow
Research Fields: religion and literature, psychoanalysis, comparative modernisms, trauma studies, translation studies, affect theory, medical humanities, posthuman and animal studies.
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Jacob Meister

Graduate Student
Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow 2020-2021

Research Fields: Nineteenth-century European novel (French, Russian, British); Franco-Russian literary exchange (18th-20th centuries); Russian formalism and Mikhail Bakhtin; sociology of literature; theories of the novel (narratology); theories of genre; medical humanities; literature and science; global health; Romanticism and its afterlives; Epistolary novel and Enlightenment; Urban studies.... Read more about Jacob Meister

Nikhita Obeegadoo

Nikhita Obeegadoo

Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow Member 2020-2021
Graduate Student in Romance Languages and Literatures
Research Fields: Francophone literatures; African literatures; Latinx literatures and theory; Island literatures, especially of the Indian Ocean and Caribbean; Environmental Humanities and Critical Ocean Studies; Narratives of migration and diaspora; Trauma studies; Border theory; Digital Humanities.

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Hudson Vincent

Hudson Vincent

Graduating Nov 2020
Bok Pedagogy Fellow, 2020-2021
Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow Fall 2020

Research Fields:   Classical and Renaissance literatures; the global Baroque; the history of rhetoric; the history of art; continental philosophy; and prison literature.

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Thomas Wisniewski

Lecturer on Comparative Literature, 2020-2021
Tutorial Board Member 2020-2021

Research fields: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century European and Latin American literature; modernism and the fin-de-siècle; world literature; the comparative arts; translation studies; rhythm; orality; the novel; literary history and biography.
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