Serge Ryappo

Serge Ryappo

Graduate Student
Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow
Serge Ryappo

Research Fields: Comparative visual and media studies; the digital and the virtual; materiality, text and texture; film theory; modernism and the avant-gardes; spectatorship, affect, and emotion; fashion theory; continental philosophy; aesthetics; art history; corporeality and performance; space theory and disorientation; urbanism and technology; architectural theory; psychoanalysis; the renaissance; trauma and memory studies; translation; Nabokov; Beckett.

B. S. Cornell University, 2008; Human Development, Pre-Med; concentration in Comparative Literature.
M. A. Harvard University, 2010; Comparative Literature, Secondary in Visual and Environmental Studies.
PhD Candidate, Harvard University, (in progress); Comparative Literature, Concentration in Visual and Environmental Studies.

Languages: English, Russian, French, Italian

Dissertation title: Aesthetics, Spectatorship, and Digital Media: An Archeology of Virtual Reality (Prospectus)

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