Schofield Publication Subsidy

Schofield Fund Publication Policy
(approved April 18, 2017)



Applications to the fund will be reviewed once per year; the application deadline for 2022 is March 31, 2022. Application materials should consist of a cover letter and a firm contract to publish. If the contract depends upon a subvention, please submit this in writing (either a letter from the publisher or a written explanation from the applicant regarding the contractual disposition of a subvention). All awards are for $2,000; a budget is not required. Please submit all application materials to the department administrator (


1.  Beginning AY 2017-18, eligible applicants shall include present faculty in the Department of Comparative Literature, whether budgeted or not, tenured or not tenured, at the rank of Lecturer and above.  Eligible applicants shall also include all alumni of the Department who have earned the doctoral degree from the Department.   Under special circumstances, and at the discretion of the Department, an undergraduate alumna or alumnus may apply to the Fund.

2.  Eligible applicants may apply to the Publication Committee if they have a book contract in hand for a scholarly work, a monograph or edited collection, of at least 50,000 words on a subject that involves literary studies and criticism.  Publication format may be hardbound, softbound, e-book, or a combination.  Eligible applicants are limited to one application each academic year.  The contract may be for publication of such a work or for aiding in the translation of such a work.  The contract in question must be a final contract approved by the editorial board or editorial committee (or syndics or similar body) of a press.  A preliminary contract issued only by an acquiring editor is not acceptable.  Letters of interest in a work, or promises to present a work to an editorial committee, do not constitute a contract.

3.  Eligible applicants must also follow the stipulations stated in 5. and 6. below.

4.  The Publication Committee will decide if the contract and work qualify under the terms of this policy.  The decision of the Committee shall be final.

5.  The Department and the Publication Fund shall also encourage all eligible applicants to apply, where appropriate, to the Tenured Faculty Publication Fund, the Anne and Jim Rothenberg Publication Fund, and any other FAS and University funds available to applicants who are also eligible for the Schofield Fund.

6.  It is expected that applicants to the Schofield Fund will avail themselves of other funds (see 5. above) and shall report in their applications to the Schofield Fund what other University and FAS resources they have drawn upon or applied to for the purpose of publishing the work for which they are applying to the Schofield Fund.  Use of other awards, however, should generally not prejudice any award from the Schofield Fund.

7.  Recognizing that a press may be more eager to issue a contract with the certain knowledge that a subvention will be provided, the Publication Committee shall, on request, write a letter to the applicant indicating that a subvention shall be available once the conditions outlined above are met.  For this purpose the Committee may wish to review the manuscript of the work at the time of that request.

8.  Awards of previous years shall be honored under the terms associated with those awards.  However, if after a period of five years from the initial award notification, the terms associated with an award have not yet been met, the application shall be considered to have lapsed.  Then, once a contract is secured under the terms outlined above, the applicant may reapply to the Publication Fund without prejudice.

9.  The amount of the award for each applicant shall be for the initial period of three years (AY 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20) in the amount of $2,000.  Awards shall be equal.

10.  The only exception will be for awards of previous years through AY 2016-17 whose terms associated with the award have been met within five years, in which case the award shall be in the original amount awarded, or, at the request of the applicant, a higher amount up to $2,000 with reasons given for the request.  In such cases, the Committee shall make the final determination of the amount awarded.

11.  At the end of a period of three years, early in AY 2020-21, the Publication Committee shall assess the number of applications it has received and shall determine if the amount of the award should remain at $2,000 or be some other figure, either higher or lower.  This will require a thorough understanding of the financial picture of the Fund, its available unspent balance, its annual payout income, the interest earned on any unspent balance, and the total principal of the Fund.

12.  Such reviews of the award amount and the nature of eligibility shall occur periodically, but if the pool of eligible applicants has once been enlarged, great care should be taken in reducing it.

13.  The Department and the Publication Fund shall promulgate the terms and conditions of the Schofield Fund and make them readily available by request and on the administrative Website of the Department.

14.  Awards shall not be made directly to applicants but only by invoice to presses, publishers, illustrators, translators, permissions holders, or others directly associated with the work in question.  Such invoices shall be paid only when all conditions outlined in 2., 3., 4., 5., and 6. have clearly been met.           

15. Please note that all publications funded must contain in their acknowledgements: “This publication was subsidized in part by Harvard Studies in Comparative Literature.”