Teaching Controversial Texts: A Comparative Lit Pedagogy Workshop


Monday, April 30, 2018, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Dana-Palmer Seminar Room

A Comparative Lit Pedagogy Workshop Event

How should we teach controversial texts? How do we pedagogically engage with literature may depict gender or racial violence, trauma, conflicting cultural values, or contested historical narratives? How to navigate students’ strong emotional responses or divided opinions? In a classroom, should we corral and manage controversy, or welcome it as a mode of pedagogical engagement? 

This panel workshop featuring three educators in Comparative Literature seeks to explore these questions. Professor David Stern, Dr. Roanne Kantor, and Professor David Elmer will share their perspectives and experiences in a panel discussion and Q&A. 

Lunch will be provided! This workshop is open to everyone (former, current, future TFs and undergraduates).  

For any questions, email Departmental Teaching Fellow Jasmine Hu: jasminehu@fas.harvard.edu