COMP LIT 108: Translating World Literature
COMP LIT 109: On Translation
FRSEMR 36G: The Creative Work of Translating
GEN ED 1057: Poetry Without Borders
GERMAN 111: Translating German: Theory and Practice
SPANISH 165: Bilingual Arts
SPANISH 80t: Words of Which History is Made

Language (most advanced languages courses will fulfull this requirement)

ENGLISH 102: Introduction to Old English: Heroes, Heaven, and Hell      
ENGLISH 103: Old English: Working with Manuscripts      
FRENCH 16: Reading, Understanding and Translating Written French for Research  
GERMAN 111: Translating German: Theory and Practice      
GREEK, LATIN, MODERN GREEK: All 100-level courses      
ITAL 16: Understanding and Translating Written Italian for Research    
JAPAN 106C: Later Classical Japanese      
LING 90B: Advanced ASL Tutorial      
RUSSIAN 102: Advanced Russian: Introduction to the Language of the Social Sciences and the Media
SPANISH 109: Displacing Spain: Translating Transatlantic Poetry on 20th- and 21st-Century Spain
SWEDISH 20A: Intermediate Swedish: Childhood in Swedish Literature and Culture  
TIBET 102A: Intermediate Classical Tibetan      
VIETNAM 130: Advanced Vietnamese      


ANTHRO 1640: Language and Culture  
AFVS 215: Critical Printing  
COMPLIT 134: World Cinema  
COMPLIT 238: After Orientalism: Writing across Arabic-Ilsamic Contact Zones  
COMPLIT 277: Literature, Diaspora and Global Traumas  
COMPSCI 181: Machine Language  
COMPSCI 187: Computational Linguistics  
EABS 256R: Chinese Buddhist Texts--Readings in Medieval Buddho-Daoist Documents  
ENG 290MH: Migration and the Humanities  
FRSEMR 62T: Migrants in Fiction and Film  
HIND-URD 123: Bollywood and Beyond: Commercial Cinema, Language and Culture in South Asia
KOREAN 214: Korean Writers and Their Books  
LING 101: The Science of Language  
LING 102: Sentence Structure  
LING 106: Knowledge of Meaning  
LING 112: Syntactic Theory  
LING 93: Language, Structure, Cognition  
PHIL 147: Philosophy of Language  
SAS 183: The Vernacular in South Asia  
SLAVIC 177: Fugitives from Utopia: Polish Poets Across the Iron Curtain  
TDM 147: Deconstructing a Novel into a Dance with Mario Zambrano  
TDM 169C: Uproot Aesthetics: Interdisciplinary Temporalities in Performance with Jace Clayton
TDM 169L: Immersive Storytelling Using Mixed Media with Young Joo Lee  


*The courses above are suggestions; students should inquire with the DUS about other options, as this list is not complete.