Contact Information

Office: Dana-Palmer 106

Office Hours: Mondays - remotely: 9:30-5pm; Tue, W, Th - in person: 9:30am-5pm, and Fridays - remotely: 10am-1pm



Isaure Mignotte

Department Coordinator

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Responsibilities include:
– Undergraduate program administration
– Events coordinator
– Graduate students orals/prospectus/chapter mtg/defense scheduling
– Grads New Admits Day coordination
– Webmaster (main website, intranet, and canvas pages support)
– Newsletter editor
– Financial transactions processing: reimbursements/invoices/honoraria/office supplies
– Guests travel arrangements coordination
– TF and TA appointments and payroll
– Classrooms reservations and Media needs coordination
– Dana-Palmer building maintenance
– Departmental mail

Languages: English and French

Isaure is a French name and is pronounced [eezOr]