Poggioli Faculty/ Student Colloquium

The Poggioli Faculty/Student Colloquium is a monthly meeting of graduate students, faculty, and guests from Comparative Literature and other related disciplines, featuring two speakers, one graduate student and one faculty member, and two discussants, one graduate student and one faculty member.


The objectives of the Colloquium are two-fold:

  • to simulate a conference-style forum in order to engage in a deeper intellectual conversation about one’s work
  • to receive practical feedback and suggestions regarding professionalization (presentation skills, public performance, etc.).


Each presentation is 15 minutes, followed by a 5-minute response and 20-30 minutes of open discussion.

Meetings are on Tuesdays, 6pm, in the Dana-Palmer Seminar Room. Refreshments provided.

The Poggioli Colloquium also functions as part of CL 343 A, B, and C: Professing Literature 1, 2, and 3.