Graduate Alumni

Students who have received a PhD or AM in Comparative Literature have gone on to careers in a variety of fields, in both academic and non-academic roles. Past graduate alumni include:

Marie Louise Ascher, PhD 1997, Senior Editor, Harvard University Press; freelance translator
Andrea Bachner, PhD 2007, Professor of Comparative Literature, Cornell University
Rita Banerjee, PhD. 2013, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and Director, MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College; Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop; Senior Editor of the South Asian Avant-Garde
Susan Barba, PhD 2006, Senior Editor, New York Review of Books
Bruce A. Beatie, PhD 1967, Professor Emeritus of Classics and Comparative Literature, Cleveland State University
Steve Berrien, PhD 1989, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Fletcher Technical Community College
Guillermo Bleichmar, PhD 2007, Professor of Liberal Arts, St. John’s College Santa Fe
Erika Boeckeler, PhD 2007, Associate Professor of English, Northeastern University
Carmelita Boivin-Cole, PhD 1982, Consultant; formerly Chief Executive Officer of the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission, Nova Scotia and Director General of Atlantic Canada Economic Development Agency
Peter Brooks, PhD 1965, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at Yale University, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholar in the University Center for Human Values and the Department of Comparative Literature at Princeton University
Vangelis Calotychos, PhD 1993, Visiting Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Brown University
Lisa Davis, PhD 1991, Senior Counsel, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Randi Eldevik, PhD 1987, Professor Emerita in Department of English, Oklahoma State University
Christine Evans, PhD 1985, Professor of Comparative Literature and Humanities Division Director, Lesley University
Stephanie Frampton, PhD 2011, Associate Professor of Literature, Co-Chair, Ancient and Medieval Studies MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Roberta Frank, PhD 1968, Marie Borroff Professsor of English Emeritus at Yale University
Brian Gilbert Freeman, PhD 2003, English Department Chair, Brunswick School, Greenwich, Connecticut
Emily Haddad, PhD 1997, Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Maine
John Hamilton, PhD 1979, Director of Foreign Affairs and Law Enforcement at AT&T
Dara Horn, PhD 2006, Novelist; Literary Critic; Gerald Weinstock Visiting Lecturer in Jewish Studies, Harvard University (Fall 2014)
Seung Hee Jeon, PhD 2005, Research Professor at Yonsei University; Senior Editor at Asia Publishers; freelance writer, editor and translator    
Luke Leafgren, PhD 2012, Allston Burr Assistant Dean of Harvard College, Mather House; freelance translator
Anne Lounsbery, PhD 1999, Professor of Russian Literature, New York University
Juan Pablo Lupi, PhD 2005, Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California Santa Barbara
David Marsh, PhD 1978, Professor of Italian, Rutgers University
Clara Masnatta, PhD 2012, Postdoctoral Fellow, ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry
Irving Massey, PhD 1954, Professor of English and Comparative Literature Emeritus, State University of New York at Buffalo
Margueritte Murphy, PhD 1985, Board of Trustees Member, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Ana Hedberg Olenina, PhD 2012, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Media Studies at Arizona State University
Peter C. Patrikis, PhD 1976, Former Executive Director Winston Churchill Foundation
Roxana Popescu, PhD 2010, Freelance reporter, blogger; Senior Reporter for Union-Tribune newspaper
Siegfried (Sizzo) de Rachewiltz, PhD 1983, Director, Brunnenburg Agricultural Museum and International Study Center
Zahr Said, PhD 2003, Charles I. Stone Professor of Law at University of Washington School of Law
Mark Sandona, PhD 1989, Chair, Department of English and Communication Arts; Professor of English, Hood College
Laurence Senelick, PhD 1972, Professor Emeritus of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies at Tufts University
Jerome E. Singerman, PhD 1981, Acquisitions Editor (Senior Humanities Editor), University of Pennsylvania Press
David Stern, PhD 1980, David Starr of Classical and Modern Jewish and Hebrew Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature, Harvard University  
Dennis Tenen, PhD 2012, Associate Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University
Brian Thompson, PhD 1970, Professor of French Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Boston
Keja Valens, PhD 2004, Professor of English, Salem State University
Cristina Vatulescu, Ph.D. 2005, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, New York University
Janet A. Walker, PhD 1975, Professor of Comparative Literature, Rutgers University
Steven F. Walker, PhD 1973, Professor of Comparative Literature, Rutgers University
Yang Ye, PhD 1989, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, University of California Riverside
Travis Zadeh, PhD 2007, Associate Professor in Department of Religious Studies, Yale University
Zhulina Alisa , PhD 2015, Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies, New York University
Marina van Zuylen, PhD 1990, Professor of French and Comparative Literature; Director, French Studies Program, Bard College