Peer Advisors

Comp Lit Peer Advisors

Feel free to contact any one of our peer advisors for more information on what it's like to concentrate in Comparative Literature:

Ezra Lebovitz


Why Comp Lit?
Comp lit is one of the best, most challenging, and most supportive concentrations on campus. I love it as both a field of study and as a community: the professors are extremely supportive and have a genuine interest in their students, both academically and individually. Students’ contributions are valued and taken seriously by the department. I also love getting to learn from other students, who have super cool interests and perspectives. Because the concentration is small, there’s a lot of individual attention and support. Academically, the field facilitates an interdisciplinary approach that I really love; it puts everything in dialogue with each other, revealing connections and complications. It forces you to discover and expand your understanding of literature from an international perspective. It reckons with forces like literary theory, language studies, and colonialism as a constituent part of the text. Comp lit has forced me to develop my existing interests and discover new ones. It’s impossible to get through comp lit without learning and growing and challenging yourself.

Junior, Leverett House

Languages: Yiddish, Spanish.

Tutorial interests: religious/theological thought, modernisms, aesthetic criticism, memory and trauma studies, diaspora, literary mysticism, disability studies, LGBT studies decolonial literature, temporality, contemporary poetry.



Jerrica Li

Why Comp Lit?
Welcome to Comp Lit! I have had a long winding journey to the humanities, to Comparative Literature, and to my junior thesis topics (even through my gap year!) so please ask me anything as you navigate your journey. Elsewhere on campus, I am editor-in-chief of The Wave, the only Asian literary magazine at Harvard and involved with the PBHA program Chinatown Citizenship.

Senior, Adams House

Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

Languages: Chinese, French

Interests: Meta-narratives and Global Fiction


Adam Sella


Why Comp Lit?
Comp Lit gives me the flexibility to study what I am interested with an emphasis in literature and languages. I am so thankful for the individual attention I receive from the department through my tutorial, and I am looking forward to pursuing my interests in greater depths in the Junior Paper and Senior Thesis.

Senior,  Pforzheimer House

Languages:  Hebrew, Arabic, German

Tutorial Interests: migration, exile, home, philosophy

Adam Sella Photo

Shruthi Venkata


Why Comp Lit?
I appreciate the ability to study and discover across language, culture, and media within Comp Lit. It's a tight-knit and supportive department that has really helped me grow.

Senior, Leverett House

Languages:  English, French, and Telugu

Tutorial Interests: English, French, Telugu; postcolonial literature, critical theory, contemporary art/media.


Ethan Whang


Why Comp Lit?
There's no field that pushes a student to confront the question, "what do I want to study," quite like Comp Lit. The department offers the opportunity to work closely for multiple years with one-on-one advisors to nurture fields of study, as well as the flexibility to explore academic interests. Inspiration drawn from diverse classes, tutorials, even conversations, can influence one's work and track in the department. Beyond the academic benefits of Comp Lit, the community is wonderful! Dana Palmer is a cozy spot to warm up during winter months, and there will always be people dropping in to converse, read, and work. 

Senior, Quincy House

Languages:  Hindi, Urdu, French

Tutorial Interests: Contemporary Fiction.

Ethan Whang Photo

Kasia Zarzycka


Why Comp Lit?
Literature was always a form of discovering new people and places for me, which is why it would be counterintuitive to limit myself to only one culture or language. With the abundance of literary works around the world, the majority of which are unknown to me, I simply could not imagine myself spending the next three years reading what I could easily find by myself. Comp Lit allowed me to venture far beyond what I was familiar with, introducing me to writers I would not have read otherwise, but who turned out to be formational in my educational experience. In the beginning, I was afraid of too much freedom in crafting my own syllabus, thinking I didn’t know enough to decide what to study. Still, the amount of personalized guidance I received in all my classes made me confident in my own choices. This is what I love most about this department - in all the courses I took, I was able to focus on various independent projects, which helped clarify my broader interests. The freedom I feared turned out to be the biggest motivator to constantly expand my knowledge and freely merge my passions for performance art and film with the study of literature.

Junior, Pforzheimer House

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish, German; translation, modern Latin

Tutorial Interests: American literature, experimental novel, grotesque, absurdist drama.