Paraphrasis Podcast launch event

Location: Dana-Palmer Seminar Room



6:00 pm

- 8:00 pm

Dana-Palmer Seminar Room

Paraphrasis is brought to you by a team of graduate students in our very own Department of Comparative Literature, and the podcast is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and on our Substack. This season will feature interviews with Kareem Abdulrahman, Daniel Hahn, Sean Gasper Bye, Luke Leafgren, and Anne Fisher, as well as conversations with emerging translators working from languages such as Indonesian, Urdu, and Polish. With new interviews or bonus episodes coming out every two weeks, make sure to click the subscribe button to receive regular updates about the show in our newsletter.

In our pilot episode, we speak with one of our producers, Lara Norgaard, to learn about her Indonesian to English translation of the genre-bending crime thriller, 24 Hours with Gaspar (Seagull Books). Lara recalls her first, fateful meeting with Sabda Armandio in a Jakarta coffee shop, as well as her process of conveying the humorous and horrifying word play and web of references that make this novel pop.