Senior Thesis Panel

Location: Thompson Room, Barker Center



7:00 pm

Thompson Room, Barker Center

Join us at the Senior Thesis Panel to hear about the kind of work students do in Comparative Literature!

List of Presenters:

Carli Cooperstein
Tutor: Lisa Anne Kostur
Mentor: Verena Conley
Title: “Travail d’un seul homme”: Legacy Building and The Role of the Creator in the Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval

Mia Hazra, Joint History II
Tutor: Anita Guerra Rivera
Mentor: Mariano Siskind
Title: Literary Peronism, Borges in Politics, and the Struggle for Symbolic Space in Argentina

Nosa Lawani
Tutor: Nate Herter
Mentor: John Hamilton
Title: The Dresses of Homer’s Helen in the Aeneid and Faust

Sophie Lucas, Double Concentration with Applied Math
Tutor: Alex Braslavsky
Mentor: Sandra Naddaff
Title: “Voicing silence, voicing le pays, voicing bodies” : A  translation of Marie-Hélène Lafon’s Les Sources

Mai Nguyen
Tutor: Shaowen Zhang
Mentor: Hoa Le
Title: Language in a Loop: Literature(s) of Vietnamese Diasporic Identity

Eileen Tucci, Joint AFVS II
Tutor: Rita Goldberg
Mentor: Jeffrey Schnapp
Title: Invisible Games: Structure in the Works of Italo Calvino and Maya Deren

Event Open to All

Refreshments will be served.