Recent PhD Dissertations

Performing the Author-Translator Across Shores: Japanese Refractions of World and Latin American Literature in the 20th Century
Manuel Azuaje-Alamo

Democratic Performances: How Theater Creates the People
Aurélien Bellucci

Recovering the Language of Lament: Modernism, Catastrophe, and Exile
Sarah Corrigan

Beyond Diaspora:The Off Home in Jewish Literature from Latin America and Israel
Lana Jaffe Neufeld

The Uses of Śeṣa: Sacrificial Leftovers, Supplements, and Subjects in Derrida, Jaimini, and Rāmānuj
Aditya Menon

The Intention of the Spirit: Air, Breath, and Voice in European Poetry and Philosophy
Alberto Parisi

‘Through the Looking Glass’: The Narrative Performance of Anarkali
Aisha Dad

Indeterminate “Greekness”: A Diasporic and Transnational Poetics
Ilana Freedman

Imagined Mothers: The Construction of Italy, Ancient Greece, and Anglo-American Hegemony
Francesca Bellei

The Untimely Avant-Garde: Literature, Politics, and Transculturation in the Sinosphere (1909-2020)
Fangdai Chen

Recovering the Language of Lament: Modernism, Catastrophe, and Exile
Sarah Corrigan

Beyond Diaspora:The Off Home in Jewish Literature from Latin America and Israel
Lana Jaffe Neufeld

Artificial Humanities: A Literary Perspective on Creating and Enhancing Humans from Pygmalion to Cyborgs
Nina Begus

Music and Exile in Twentieth-Century German, Italian, and Polish Literature
Cecily Cai

We Speak Violence: How Narrative Denies the Everyday
Rachael Duarte Riascos

Anticlimax: The Multilingual Novel at the Turn of the 21st Century
Matylda Figlerowicz

Forgetting to Remember: An Approach to Proust’s Recherche
Lara Roizen

The Event of Literature:An Interval in a World of Violence
Petra Taylor

The English Baroque:The Logic of Excess in Early Modern Literature
Hudson Vincent

Porte Planète; Ville Canale –parisian knobs /visually/ turned to \textual\ currents
Emma Zofia Zachurski

‘…not a poet but a poem’: A Lacanian study of the subject of the poem
Marina Connelly

The Tune That Can No Longer Be Recognized: Late Medieval Chinese Poetry and Its Affective Others
Jasmine Hu

The Invention of the Art Film: Authorship and French Cultural Policy
Joseph Pomp

Apocalypticism in the Arabic Novel
William Tamplin

The Sound of Prose: Rhythm, Translation, Orality
Thomas Wisniewski

The New Austerity in Syrian Poetry
Daniel Behar

Mourning the Living: Africa and the Elegy on Screen
Molly Klaisner

Art Beyond the Norms: Art of the Insane, Art Brut, and the Avant-Garde from Prinzhorn to Dubuffet (1922-1949)
Raphael Koenig

Words, Images and the Self: Iconoclasm in Late Medieval English Literature
Yun Ni

Europe and the Cultural Politics of Mediterranean Migrations
Argyro Nicolaou

Voice of Power, Voice of Terror: Lyric, Violence, and the Greek Revolution
Simos Zenios

Every Step a New Movement: Anarchism in the Stalin-Era Literature of the Absurd and its Post-Soviet Adaptations
Ania Aizman

Kino-Eye, Kino-Bayonet: Avant-Garde Documentary in Japan, France, and the USSR
Julia Alekseyeva

Ambient Meaning: Mood, Vibe, System
Peli Grietzer

Year of the Titan: Percy Bysshe Shelley and Ancient Poetry
Benjamin Sudarsky

Metropolitan Morning: Loss, Affect, and Metaphysics in Buenos Aires, 1920-1940
Juan Torbidoni

Sophisticated Players: Adults Writing as Children in the Stalin Era and Beyond
Luisa Zaitseva

Collecting as Cultural Technique: Materialistic Interventions into History in 20th Century China
Guangchen Chen

Pathways of Transculturation: Chinese Cultural Encounters with Russia and Japan (1880-1930)
Xiaolu Ma

Beyond the Formal Law: Making Cases in Roman Controversiae and Tang Literary Judgments
Tony Qian

Alternative Diplomacies: Writing in Early Twentieth-Century Shanghai, Istanbul, and Beyond?
Alice Xiang

The Literary Territorialization of Manchuria: Rethinking National and Transnational Literature in East Asia from
the Frontier
Miya Qiong Xie

World Literature and the Chinese Compass, 1942-2012
Yanping Zhang