PhD Dissertations


'Through the Looking Glass': The Narrative Performance of Anarkali 
Aisha Dad
Indeterminate "Greekness": A Diasporic and Transnational Poetics
Ilana Freedman
Imagined Mothers: The Construction of Italy, Ancient Greece, and Anglo-American Hegemony
Francesca Bellei

The Untimely Avant-Garde: Literature, Politics, and Transculturation in the Sinosphere (1909-2020)
Fangdai Chen



Artificial Humanities: A Literary Perspective on Creating and Enhancing Humans from Pygmalion to Cyborgs
Nina Begus

Music and Exile in Twentieth-Century German, Italian, and Polish Literature
Cecily Cai

We Speak Violence: How Narrative Denies the Everyday
Rachael Duarte Riascos

Anticlimax: The Multilingual Novel at the Turn of the 21st Century
Matylda Figlerowicz

Forgetting to Remember: An Approach to Proust's Recherche
Lara Roizen

The Event of Literature:An Interval in a World of Violence
Petra Taylor

The English Baroque:The Logic of Excess in Early Modern Literature
Hudson Vincent

Porte Planète; Ville Canale --parisian knobs /visually/ turned to \textual\ currents
Emma Zofia Zachurski


‘…not a poet but a poem’: A Lacanian study of the subject of the poem

Marina Connelly

The Tune That Can No Longer Be Recognized: Late Medieval Chinese Poetry and Its Affective Others
Jasmine Hu

The Invention of the Art Film: Authorship and French Cultural Policy
Joseph Pomp

Apocalypticism in the Arabic Novel
William Tamplin

The Sound of Prose: Rhythm, Translation, Orality
Thomas Wisniewski


The New Austerity in Syrian Poetry
Daniel Behar
Mourning the Living: Africa and the Elegy on Screen
Molly Klaisner
Art Beyond the Norms: Art of the Insane, Art Brut, and the Avant-Garde from Prinzhorn to Dubuffet (1922-1949)
Raphael Koenig
Words, Images and the Self: Iconoclasm in Late Medieval English Literature
Yun Ni
Europe and the Cultural Politics of Mediterranean Migrations
Argyro Nicolaou
Voice of Power, Voice of Terror: Lyric, Violence, and the Greek Revolution
Simos Zenios


Every Step a New Movement: Anarchism in the Stalin-Era Literature of the Absurd and its Post-Soviet Adaptations
Ania Aizman
Kino-Eye, Kino-Bayonet: Avant-Garde Documentary in Japan, France, and the USSR
Julia Alekseyeva

Ambient Meaning: Mood, Vibe, System
Peli Grietzer 
Year of the Titan: Percy Bysshe Shelley and Ancient Poetry
Benjamin Sudarsky
Metropolitan Morning: Loss, Affect, and Metaphysics in Buenos Aires, 1920-1940
Juan Torbidoni
Sophisticated Players: Adults Writing as Children in the Stalin Era and Beyond
Luisa Zaitseva 


Collecting as Cultural Technique: Materialistic Interventions into History in 20th Century China
Guangchen Chen

Pathways of Transculturation: Chinese Cultural Encounters with Russia and Japan (1880-1930)
Xiaolu Ma

Beyond the Formal Law: Making Cases in Roman Controversiae and Tang Literary Judgments
Tony Qian

Alternative Diplomacies: Writing in Early Twentieth-Century Shanghai, Istanbul, and Beyond?
Alice Xiang

The Literary Territorialization of Manchuria: Rethinking National and Transnational Literature in East Asia from
the Frontier

Miya Qiong Xie

World Literature and the Chinese Compass, 1942-2012
Yanping Zhang


Anatomy of 'Decadence'
Henry Bowles

Medicine As Storytelling: Emplotment Strategies in Doctor-Patient Encounters and Beyond (1870-1830)
Elena Fratto


Platonic Footnotes: Figures of Asymmetry in Ancient Greek Thought
Katie Deutsch

Children's Literature Grows Up
Christina Phillips Mattson

Humor as Epiphanic Awareness and Attempted Self-Transcendence
Curtis Shonkwiler

Ethnicity, Ethnogenesis and Ancestry in the Early Iron Age Aegean as Background to and through the Lens of the Iliad
Guy Smoot

The Modern Stage of Capitalism: The Drama of Markets and Money (1870-1930)
Alisa Sniderman

Repenting Roguery: Penance in the Spanish Picaresque Novel and the Arabic and Hebrew Maqāma
Emmanuel Ramírez Nieves



The "Poetics of Diagram"
John Kim

Dreaming Empire: European Writers in the Fascist Era
Robert Kohen

The Poetics of Love in Prosimetra across the Medieval Mediterranean
Isabelle Levy

Renaissance Error: Digression from Ariosto to Milton 
Luke Taylor


The New Voyager: Theory and Practice of South Asian Literary Modernisms
Rita Banerjee 

Be an Outlaw, Be a Hero: Cinematic Figures of Urban Banditry and Transgression in Brazil, France, and the Maghreb
Maryam Monalisa Gharavi 

Bāgh-e Bi-Bargi: Aspects of Time and Presence in the Poetry of Mehdi Akhavān Sāles

Marie Huber

Freund-schaft: Capturing Aura in an Unframed Literary Exchange
Clara Masnatta


Class, Gender and Indigeneity as Counter-discourses in the African Novel: Achebe, Ngugi, Emecheta, Sow Fall and Ali
Fatin Abbas

The Empire of Chance: War, Literature, and the Epistemic Order of Modernity
Anders Engberg-Pedersen

Poetics of the unfinished: illuminating Paul Celan’s “Eingedunkelt” 
Thomas Connolly

Towards a Media History of Writing in Ancient Italy
Stephanie Frampton

Character Before the Novel: Representing Moral Identity in the Age of Shakespeare
Jamey Graham

Transforming Trauma: Memory and Slavery in Black Atlantic Literature since 1830
Raquel Kennon

Renaissance Romance: Rewarding the Boundaries of Fiction
Christine S. Lee

Psychomotor Aesthetics: Conceptions of Gesture and Affect in Russian and American Modernity, 1910s-1920s 
Ana Olenina

Melancholy, Ambivalence, Exhaustion: Responses to National Trauma in the Literature and Film of France and China 
Erin Schlumpf

The Poetics of Human-Computer Interaction 
Dennis Tenen

Novelizing the Muslim Wars of Conquest: The Christian Pioneers of the Arabic Historical Novel

Luke Leafgren


Secret Lives of the City: Reimagining the Urban Margins in 20th-Century Literature and Theory, from Surrealism to Iain Sinclair
Jennifer Hui Bon Hoa

Archaic Greek Memory and Its Role in Homer
Anita Nikkanen

Deception Narratives and the (Dis)Pleasure of Being Cheated: The Cases of Gogol, Nabokov, Mamet, and Flannery O’Connor
Svetlana Rukhelman

Aesthetic Constructs and the Work of Play in 20th Century Latin American and Russian Literature 
Natalya Sukhonos

Stone, Steel, Glass: Constructions of Time in European Modernity
Christina Svendsen


Spirited Husbandry: The Literature and Science of Agricultural Improvement in Eighteenth-Century Britain 
Elisabeth Bates Greenough

Overlooked: Representations of the Balcony in Print and Paint, from Boccaccio to Caillebotte
Roxana Maria Popescu

FRAMED! Encountering Otherness in Frame Narratives
Charlotte Szilagyi

Sinographics: Becoming Chinese Art
Nancy Ten-Jung Tewksbury

Found in Translation: Shakespeare's Cleopatra in English and Chinese
Laura Jane Wey


THREE KOREAN POETS A Scholarly Edition of Paek Sŏk, Pak Mogwŏl, and Yun Dongju 
Christy Soojong Choi

Capturing Character: Photography, Race, and Identity in Modern American Literature 
Julia Isabel Faisst

Land Lies in Water: Panoramic Perspectives in Lyric Poetry, 1859-1969 
Phoebe Putnam

Cities of Hope and Despair: Reimagining Cosmopolitanism 
Ginan Rauf

Disintegrated Yet Part of the Scheme: Whitman's Double Legacy to Poets of New York 
Anne Lovering Rounds



To Catch a Spy: Explorations in Subjectivity 
Tamar Abramov

Mystical Modernisms: Trauma and the Poetics of Ineffability in T.S. Eliot, Rainer Maria Rilke, and W.B. Yeats 
Christina Kim Becker

Between the Lines: Literary Transnationalism Through Poetic Representations of Freedom and Slavery 
Monique-Adelle Callahan

Mothers, Orphans and the Law of the Free Womb: The Rhetoric of Brazilian Abolition in the Fiction of Aluísio Azevedo, Machado de Assis and their Contemporaries 
Jessica G. Callaway

Filming Back and Black: Strategies of African American Political Modernism 
Allyson Nadia Field

Owning Property, Being Property: Medieval and Modern Women Shape the Narratives of Marriage 
Sally A. Livingston

How to do Kings with Words: Byzantine Imperial Ideology and the Representation of Power in Pre-Phanariot Admonitory Literature 
Nikolaos Panou

Hybridity, Monstrosity and Women's Voices in Black and Greek Fiction
Polyxeni Tenerelli

Power in the Tongue: Speech and the Modernist Relocation of Ethics 
Miriam Udel-Lambert

Post-WW II Italian Jewish Narratives: Appropriations of History and Self-Representation 
Borislava Vassileva Vassileva


Paradoxical Corpographies: Towards an Ethics of Inscription 
Andrea Bachner

The Dramatization of the Alphabet in the Renaissance 
Erika Boeckler

"Spleen Ridiculous": Courtly Humor in Rabelais and Shakespeare 
Kathleen Lott Haley

Mankind, My Kind, Myself: How We Read Autobiographies as Representative Texts 
Helga Lénárt-Cheng

Haunting Contemporary Narrative: Juan Rulfo, Toni Morrison, Carlos Fuentes, Leslie Marmon Silko, Martin Amis 
Alberto Ribas-Casasayas

Translation, Geography, and the Divine Word: mediating frontiers in pre-modern Islam 
Travis E. Zadeh



Poets of the Crossroads: Politics and the Deliberation of Poetry in the 1930s 
Susan Elizabeth Barba

"Morals of the Story" and Narrative Demand: a Study in Yiddish and Hebrew Literature 
Dara Horn Schulman

The Pious Knight: Crusading Ideals, Pugatory, and Grail Romances 
Ewa Slojka


Speakers in the Latin Historical Epics of Twelfth-Century Italy 
Henry Carl Bayerle

Homeric epaineo: The Politics of Reception and the Poetics of Consent 
David Franklin Elmer

Rethinking Truth After 'The Age of Extremes': An Analysis of the Chronotope of Anamnesis in Autobiographical Narratives by Pak, Kluger, and Kogawa 
Seung-Hee Jeon

Tongues Untied: Metaphors of Multilingualism in the Writings of Vladimir Nabokov, Jose Donoso, and Augusto Roa Bastos 
Esther Liberman

Encounter of Modernities: Poetics, Baroque, and Intertextuality in Jose Lezama Lima and Stephane Mallarme 
Juan Pablo Lupi

Police Aesthetics: Literature, Film, and the Secret Police Archives in Eastern Europe 
Cristina Laura Vatulescu


Narratives of Collecting: Collecting Narratives 
Raul Delgado-Rodriguez

Evolving Memories: Narrative Habits and Strategies of Survival 
Emmanuela Kantzia

Between Women: Desire in Caribbean Literatures 
Keja Lys Valens


The Birth of the Author:
Oral Traditions and the Construction of Authorial Identity in Ancient Greece and China
Alexander Jamieson Beecroft

Rhetoric, Experience, and Identity in Frontier Writing and Mapping of the Americas 
Mark Kevin Burns

A Nation on Display:
Russian Museums and Print Culture in the Age of the Great Reforms
Ekaterina Dianina

Allegory, Allegoresis, and the Hermeneutics of Social Networks 
Daniel Alan Fried

Playing with Authority:
The Theatre of Dario Fo
Gloria Pastorino

The Trickster’s Word:
Oral Tradition in Literary Narrative
Polina Rikoun

The Arab Takes on Shakespeare:
Adaptation, Allusion and the Struggle for Artistic Identity in Egypt
Zahr Kassim Said

Diogenes in the Salon:
Cynicism and the Question of Enlightenment
Louisa Ilaria Shea

Herbert of Bosham’s Liber Melorum:
Literature and the Sacred Sciences in the Twelfth Century
Jessica Weiss


Love at Last Sight:
Figures of Apprehension in Keats and Becquer
Laura C. Amelio

Objects of Interest:
The Novel as Critique of Economic, Political and Aesthetic Modernity
Panagiota Batsaki

Denying Imperial Bodies:
Tang Taizong and the Poetics of Sovereignty
Jack W. Chen

Picture Perfect:
Narrating Public Memory in Twentieth-Century China
Robert Y. Chi

Aesthetics of Retrospection:
Life Narratives in Goethe, Rousseau, Moritz, and Keller
Charitini Douvaldzi

Veritas and Literary Fiction in the Hagiography of Pre-Norman British Isles 
Lawrence P. Morris

"Try to Guard Them, Poet":
Homoeroticism and the Poetics of Opacity in C.P. Cavafy
George Syrimis


Reading Word and Image:
Representations of Safavid Persia in the Maps and Frontispieces of Adam Olearius (ca. 1650)
Elio Brancaforte

The Articulation of a Caribbean Subjectivity in the Poetry of Luis Pales Matos, Aime Cesaire, and Derek Walcott 
Victor Figueroa

The Life and Work of George Gennadios Scholarios 
Christopher Livanos

Literature and the Conservative Style of Thought 
Susan McReynolds

What Then for My Soul? Subjectivity, Existential Enablement, and the Metaphorics of Psychic Life 
Marjut Ruti


The Longest Journey of All:
Theodor Kallifatides and Second Language Writing
Monika Kallan

Nikolai Gogol and Nathaniel Hawthorne:
Inaugurating Two Traditions
Anne Lounsbery

Fictions of Hybrid Identity in the U.S. and France
Monika Wadman

An Edition of Aided Diarmata Meic Cerbaill From the Book of Ui Maine 
Dan Wiley


Doubt, Dissent, and the Skepticism in the Literary Tradition of the Medieval Period 
Fatemeh Azinfar

The Sabine Version 
Mary Di Lucia Miller

Imagining Language and Belonging:
Wales , England , and America , 1850-1910
Melinda Gray

Something Else Will Stand Beside It:
The African Writers Series and the Development of African Literature
Camille Lizarribar Buxo

The Making of a Medieval Outlaw:
Code and Community in the Robin Hood Legend, 1400-1600
Bernard Lumpkin

The Gestures of Modernism:
Studies in Theatrical Reform and Literary Practice
Hans Puchner

The Space of Memory:
Romanticism, Modernity, and the Temporal Imagination
William Weitzel III

The Genesis of Authorship:
Legends of the Textualization of Homeric Epic and the Bible
Jed Wyrick


Honor Thy Father and Love thy Fatherland:
The Child, the Novel, and the Nation
Ala Alryyes

Captivity as Consciousness:
The Literary and Cultural Imagination of the American Self
Patricia Barbeito

The Story of O:
Prostitutes and Other Good-For-Nothings in the Renaissance
Michele Jaffe

Coincidentia Oppositorum:
A Rhetorical Theory of Literature
Erika Kiss

A Reading of Cultural Diversity:
The Island of New Orleans
Benton Komins

Persons, Personae, Personages:
Identity in Mundan Ting and Taohua Shan
Tina Lu style

Revising the Pictorial:
Ekphrasis and the Nature of Modern Lyric
Christina Pugh

The Wilde Word:
Talk as Performance at the Fin de Siecle
Shelley Salamensky

Configuring the Feminine:
Gender and Literary Transvestitism in the Southern Dynasties Poetry
Sophie Tian


A Delicate Union:
Exile and Homecoming in Twentieth-Century Autobiography
Maria Louise Ascher

Immortal Armor:
The Concept of Alk in Archaic Greek Poetry
Derek Burton Collins

The Beauty of Imperialism:
Emerson, Melville, Flaubert and al-Shidyaq
Jenine Abboushi Dallal

The Problems of Privacy and Trust in Modern Literature, and their Relation to the Idea of Freedom 
Raphael Haim Golb

Orientalist Poetics:
The Islamic Middle East in Nineteenth-Century English and French Poetry
Emily Anne Haddad

Proust and the Profanation of the Jewish Mother 
Lawrence Scott Lerner

Equivocal Poetics and Cultural Ambiguity in the Cantigas d'Escarnho e de Mal Dizer 
Benjamin Ming-Hwa Liu

The Worke of Imitation:
Virgil's Eclogues in England from Ascham to Milton
Timothy James Markey


TRANSATLANTIS: Utopian Selfhood in Rousseau and Emerson
Franciscus Henricus Albers

Youth, Mentor, Trust, and Perfidy in English and French Novels of the Eighteenth Century
Helene de Portu

Signifying Acts: Writing in the Middle English Romances
Sheryl L. Forste-Grupp

Women and the Walk: Female Flânerie and the Aesthetics of Public Space in 19th Century Europe
Clare Olivia Parsons

Foundations of Chinese Historiography: Literary Representation in Zuo zhuan and Guoyu
David Copley Schaberg


Sonorous Bodies: Music in the Novels of Diderot and Burney
Sarah Gore

Particularly Critical:
Generalization, Culture, and the Case of Russia

John Arthur Henriksen

Birth and the Novel: Telling Scenes and Retelling Myths of Selfhood
Theodore Samuel Ruehl

Judgment on Trial: The Aesthetics of Adultery in Early Modern France
Susan Elisabeth Stiles


Ironist Theory and Literature: The Economic Nexus of Public and Private Discourse in Rousseau, Byron, Scott, and Balzac
Brian Gilbert Freeman

The Way of Oblivion: Heraclitus and Kafka
David Michael Schur

To Perceive and to Represent: A Comparative Study of the Chinese and English Poetics of Nature Imagery
Xiaoshan Yang


The Coming of Age of the Child-Woman: Meret Oppenheim, Surrealism and Beyond
Bettina Brandt

Realizing and Resisting 'Self-Colonization': Idealogy and Form in Modern Greek Poetics (1790-1960)
Evangelos Calotychos

Failure, Repetition, Amputation, and Disappearance: Issues of Composition in Contemporary European Movement Performance
Heidi Louise Gilpin

First Encounters: Rereading the Other
Sima Gela Kappeler


Proverbial Backgrounds to the Sententiae of Beowulf
Susan Elizabeth Deskis

The Obscene Poetic Self in Rutebeuf and Chaucer
Leslie Linam Dunton-Downer

Roger Caillois' Logic of Participation in the 30s: From "Le Grand Jeu" to the "Collège de sociologie" 
Claudine Paulette Frank

Helen in France: The Poetics of Graft
Matthew Gumpert

Family Lineage and Narrative Line: Genealogy and Fiction in Hardy
Tess O'Toole

Persuasion and Tutelage in Some European Epistolary Novels of the Eighteenth Century
Emery Snyder

The Wandering Hero in Greek Poetry and Song
Nancy Sultan


Making Examples: The Authorization of Structure and the Construction of Exemplarity from the Fictions of Psychoanalysis to the Narratives of Nations
Lisa Anne Davis

Narrative Apostrophe: Case Studies in Second Person Fiction
Irene Kacandes

The Poetria Nova as a Poetics: Geoffrey of Vinsauf's "Lex sit danda poetis" 
Rae Ann Nager

The Construction of Horatian Decorum
Ellen Sarah Oliensis

Goethe and Novalis in the Life and Work of Vyacheslav Ivonov
Michael Alex Wachtel


The Politics of First-Person Narrative in Modern Chinese Fiction
Lydia He Liu

Antithesis Overcome: Shen Ts'ung-wen's Avant-Gardism and Primitivism
Peng Hsiao-yen

The Relation of Peter Abelard's Planctus Dinae to Biblical Sources and Exegetic Tradition: A Historical and Textual Study
Lucille Claire Thibodeau

Plotting against the Reader: The Aesthetics of Difficulty in Der Nachsommer, Moby-Dick, and Bouvard et Pécuchet
Marina Isabella van Zuylen


The Recursive Matrix: An Analysis of Baroque Problems in La Princesse de Clèves
André Albert Aciman

Narrative Commentary in Illusions perdues and Middlemarch
Steven Berrien

Life and Death in Quotation Marks: Cultural Myth of the Modern Poet
Svetlana Boym

Criticism in Style: Theory as Aesthetic Form
Stephen Merrill Bretzius

Sobre Angeles y Tumbas: Galdos y los Finales de la Historia
Ana H. Fernández Sein

Failing at Autobiography: The Examples of Mark Twain, August Strindberg, and Rainer Maria Rilke
Linda Marie Haverty

Palingensie de Jeanne d'Arc: Etude de Thèmes
Gertrude Marie Hunziker Merkle

The Humanistic School and Ukrainian Literature of the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century
Natalia Pylypiuk

Patience and the Agents of Renaissance Drama
Mark Sandona

The Art of Remembrance, the Poetics of Destiny: Self-writings by Three Women of Heian Japan
Edith Lorraine Sarra

Beyond the Last Image: Poetic Endings in Chinese Tradition
Yang Ye

Language and Interpretation: A Study in East-West Comparative Poetics
Zhang Longxi


The Dares Phrygius Version of Trójumanna saga:
A Case Study in the Cross-cultural Mutation of Narrative.
Randi Claire Eldevik

Reading Rhetoric:
The Typographic Code and the Elizabethan Lyric.
Philip Clark Fine

Image littéraire et sociale de la comedienne en France au XIXe siècle.
Renata Valentina Morteo

"The Book of the Duchess":
A Re-vision in a Dream.
Patrizia Grimaldi Pizzorno

Parry Lord Theory:
No Basis for Comparison.
Seth Ellis Sicroff


Leone Allacci (1587-1669):
The Fortunes of an Early Byzantinist.
Thomas Cerbu

Literary Theory and the Practice of Narrative Poetry:
Young Tasso's Heroic Project and the Epic Tradition from Homer to Milton.
Lawrence Ford Rhu

Valerijan Pidmohyl'nyj, Guy de Maupassant, and the Magic of the Night. 
Maxim David Tarnawsky

Sympathy, Counterpoise and Symbolism in Dream of Red Chamber. 
Angelina Chun-chu Yee


The Darkening Medium:
Speech and Silence in the Novels of Theodor Fontane, Henry James and Marcel Proust.
Christine Ann Evans

The Dandy and the Señorito:
Eros and Social Class in the Nineteenth Century Novel.
Gloria Monserrate Ortiz


Genre as Subversion:
The Prose Poem in England and America.
Margueritte Schaefer Murphy

Metaphoric Narration:
The Role of Metaphor in Narrative Discourse.
Luz Aurora Pimentel Anduiza

"Vorarbeiten zu einer Geschichtsschreibung der Gegenwart":
Heinrich Heines Französische Zustande und Mariano José de Larras Articulos.
Susanne M. Zantop


Voice of a Generation, Generation of a Voice:
Childhood in Herzen's Byloe I Dumy.
Margaret Morley Bullitt

Anglo-Saxon Poetics of Translation:
A Study in Guthlac and Phoenix.
Jonathan Fleming McKeage

Narrative Structure and the Aesthetics of Repetition in the 1001 Nights Cycle of The Porter and the Three Ladies of Baghdad
Sandra Naddaff

Returning the Gaze:
Walter Benjamin's Baudelaire Project.
Katherine T. Wallace-Casey

The Heart of the Letter:
Alegory in Edgar Allen Poe.
Liliane Weissberg


Emily Dickinson and the Problem of Others. 
Christopher Edward Gerald Benfey

De Sirenibus:
An Inquiry into Sirens from Homer to Shakespeare.
Siegfried Walter de Rachewiltz

Ezra Pound and the Classical Tradition:
Backgrounds and Formative Influences.
Richard Geoffrey Ingber


Erasmus' Praise of Folly:
A Renaissance Transformation of Socratic Irony.
Carmelita Louise Boivin-Cole

The Deceptive Paradise:
The Garden as Image of Self and Society in Medieval Romance.
Carol Margaret Taylor


Henry James and Italy. 
Audrey Hanssen Cicchetti

A Portrait of the Artist:
The Legends of Orpheus and Their Use in Medieval and Renaissance Aesthetics.
Elizabeth Affelder Newby

Under Clouds of Poesy:
Poetry and Truth in French and English Reworkings of the Aeneid, 1160-1513.
Jerome Edward Singerman

Interpreting in Parables:
The Mashal in Midrash, With Special Reference to Lamentations Rabba.
David Michael Stern


The Mirage in the Mirror:
Reflections in Nabokov's Ada.
Annapaola Cancogni

Epics of the Lone Will:
A Study of Travels in Arabia Deserta and Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
John Alexander Hamilton

Theocritean Pastoral:
A Study in the Definition of Genre.
Amy Edith Johnson


Ideology and Narrative:
A Study of Ding Ling's Fiction.
Yi-tsi Mei Feuerwerker

"Trie thy braines to gaine a deitie":
Christian Tragedy of the Fall.
William Lewis

The Poet and the City:
The Development of City Poetry in America , England and Continental Europe from about 1800 to about 1920.
Kristiaan Versluys


A Critical Edition of Thomas Usk's Testament of Love. 
John Leyerle

The Quattrocento Dialogue:
Classical Tradition and Humanist Innovation.
David Richard Marsh

Afghan Oral Narrative:
The Individual in Tradition.
Margaret Ann Mills

The Eastern Question and the Fortunes of the Turkish Myth in England and France 
Jale Parla

Two Studies of the Art of the Phrase in Homer.
Richard Sacks

The Eye's Plain Version:
Studies in the Theory and Practice of Visual Form in Modern Poetry.
Carole Anne Taylor

A Study in the Narrative Structure of Three Epic Poems:
Gilgamesh, the Odyssey, and Beowulf.
Hope Nash Wolff


The Lyre and the Oaten Flute:
Garcilaso de la Vega and the Tradition of the Eclogue.
Dario O. Fernández-Morera

"The Promis'd Hour":
Dryden's Theory and Congreve's Art.
Katherine Lancelot Harrington

"Passing the Love of Women":
A Study of Gide's Saül and Its Biblical Roots.
Anne Lapidus Lerner

Studies on the Context and Function of the senna in Early Germanic Narrative. 
Joaquin Martinez-Pizarro

Aeschylus and the Myth of the House of Atreus in European Literature to 1821. 
Laimdota Mazzarins


Balzac and the Folklore of Success. 
Sara Bershtel

Keats, Leopardi, and Hölderlin:
The Poet as Priest of the Absolute.
Raymond Richard Fleming

The Play and the Seen:
Studies in Theatrical Self-Consciousness.
Matthew Anatole Gurewitsch

Irreparabile tempus:
A Study of Time in Virgil's Aeneid.
Barbara F. McManus

Myth and the Modern Novel:
Gabriel García Márquez, Thomas Mann, James Joyce.
David Michael Palencia-Roth

The Dispute of Taste:
Studies in the Notion of Taste in French Aesthetic and Moral Thought, 1660-1720.
Peter Charles Patrikis

Ezra Pound and Remy de Gourmont.
Richard Raymond Sieburth

Du pittoresque à la politique:
le voyage à Constantinople de Gérard de Nerval, Maxime DuCamp, Gustave Flaubert et Théophile Gautier.
Carolyn Fosdick Takahara


El Desdichado:
A Thematic Study of the Waverley Novels.
Richard Magill Blumenthal

The Labyrinth:
A Symbolic Structure in Modern Fiction.
Wendy Bush Faris

The History and Myth of the Cossack Ukraine in Polish and Russian Romantic Literature. 
George Gregory Grabowicz

The Mist and the Cave:
The Effect of Idealist Thought on the Techniques and Values of the Novel with Particular Reference to Conrad and Proust.
Margaret Morganroth Gullette

Christ and Cybele:
The Images and Thematic Structure in the Novels of François Mauriac.
Arthur Carl Holmberg

Leonardo Bruni's Poliscena, A Latin Humanist Comedy of the Early Renaissance. 
Jon Pearson Perry

Rameau's Nephew and His Progeny:
The Artist as Performer in E.T.A. Hoffmann and Balzac.
George Edgar Slusser

The East-West Context of Shimazaki Toson's Shinsei (The New Life):
A Study in the Modern Confessional Novel.
Janet Anderson Walker


"Struggling Manfully with Distress":
Attitudes to Poverty in Eighteenth-Century English Fiction.
Anna-Maria Kovacs

A Cure for Love:
A Generic Study of the Pastoral Idyll.
Steven Friemel Walker


Language and Reality in Flaubert's Creative Process. 
Charles Clarence Bernheimer

Some Opinions of Cicero in Sixteenth Century France . 
Jeffrey Martin Green

Realism in Euripides. 
Frances Coulborn Kohler

Petrarch and Sixteenth Century English Poetic Language. 
John Alan Roe


The Novels of Henri Thomas. 
Roger David Horwitz

Literary Models in the Comedias bárbaras of Valle-Inclán. 
Susan Kirkpatrick

The Forest Life:
A Study of the Influence of the Life of St. Giles on the Tristan Legend.
Ülle Erika Lewes

The Prestige of Evil:
The Murderer as Romantic Hero from Sade to Lacenaire.
Laurence Philip Senelick

The Imaginary Journey as Apocalypse:
A Study of French and Italian Visions of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.
Forrest Seymour Smith, Jr.

Moses of the Mountain:
Readings in Paul Valéry and D.H. Lawrence.
Francesca Gioanna von Broembsen

Metaphysical Boredom in the Verse of the European Romantics.
Robert Harlow Waugh


T.S. Eliot and Dante. 
Dibyendu Kumar Banerjee

The Pilgrim's Progress, Part One:
Essays in the Sociology of Literature.
Ellen Jean Cantarow

The Demon-Lover:
The Theme of Demoniality in English and Continental Fiction of the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries.
Peter Donald Grudin

Hebrew or Hellene?:
Religious Ambivalence in Heine, Renan, and Arnold.
Peter Damian Heinegg

Spenser and the Arts of Conduct. 
Daniel Gilbert Javitch

The Revaluation of the Heroic in Renaissance Epic:
A Study of La Gerusalemme Liberata and Paradise Lost.
Judith Arons Kates

Masks and Metamorphoses:
A Study in the Renaissance Imagination.
Regina Mary Jane Kyle


Gaston Bachelard and the Literary Imagination in France :
The Elemental and the Oneiric.
Alan Michael Huberman

The Notion of Tragedy:
From Voltaire to A.C. Bradley.
Clayton Talmadge Koelb, Jr.

Surrey 's Aeneid:
Classical Imitation in the Early English Renaissance.
Jehudy Lindeman

The Comedies of Ludovico Ariosto. 
Irving Alan Portner

Wordsworthian Themes and Patterns in George Eliot. 
Deborah Heller Roazen

Vision and Blindness in the Novels of André Malraux. 
Brian Archer Thompson

Ideal and Spleen:
The Failure of Transcendent Vision in Romantic, Symbolist, and Modern Poetry.
Robert Mitchell Torrance

Hofmannsthal and English Literature. 
Winfried Ferdinand Weiss


Theatrum Mundi:
The History of an Idea.
Lynda Gregorian Christian

Wordplay in Old English Poetry. 
Roberta Frank

Quest for Literary Resonance:
Young Nagai Kaf and French Literature.
Mitsuko Maeda Iriye

A Study of the Medley:
Chinese Chantefable of the Late Twelfth Century.
Lily Chen Wang

The Technique of Literary Allusion in the Novels of Virginia Woolf. 
Jean Murdy Wyatt

Creation of Atmosphere in the Novels of Hawthorne, Faulkner, and Julien Green. 
Marie-Antoinette Untereiner Zrimc


The Grotesque in Paul van Ostaijen's Creative Prose. 
Eric Montague Beekman

Hamlet , Poland and Wyspia ski:
A History of Hamlet in Poland until l904.
Nancy Zilboorg Dworsky

Georges Pitoëff and the Mise en Scène of Hamlet. 
Donald Haverstick Goodyear, Jr.

The Literature of the Air:
Themes and Imagery in the Work of Faulkner, Saint-Exupery, and Gaiser.
Friedrich Peter Ott

Thomas Mann:
Form and Biography.
Maire Jaanus Said

The Reconstructive Mode in Fiction:
A Study of Faulkner and the French New Novel.
Arnold Louis Weinstein

Prison Imagery in the Works of Franz Kafka and Albert Camus. 
Mary Ann Frese Witt


Strophic Form in Medieval Lyric:
A formal-comparative study of the German strophes of the Carmina Burana.
Bruce Alan Beatie

The North American Review, 1815-1860:
A Study in the Reception of German-American Cultural Relations.
Richard Arthur Fird

Alfred Döblin and Dostoevsky:
Patterns of Literary Reaction.
Rita M. Hausammann

Steps towards the Phenomenological Novel:
Narrative Consciousness in the Works of Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett and Alain Robbe-Grillet.
George Herbert Szanto


La Nuova Arcadia Rusticana:
A Study of the Works of Angelo Beolco called Ruzante.
Nancy Dorothy Dersofi

A Theater of Metaphor:
A Study of the Japanese N Form.
Frank Paul Hoff

Classical Greece and the Poetry of Chénier, Shelley, and Leopardi. 
Stephen Joseph Rogers, Jr.

More than Mortal Privilege:
A Study of Rousseau's Confessions and The Prelude.
Margery Mauser Sabin


The Adjective and the Verb in The Lusiads of Camões:
A Critical Analysis and Interpretation Preceded by A Survey of Camonean Criticism.
Leonidas Querubim Avelino, S.J

The Novel of Worldliness. 
Peter Preston Brooks

A Comparative Study of the Structure and Meaning of Chretien de Troyes' Yvain, Hartmann von Aue's Iwein, and the Middle English Ywain and Gawain. 
Ojars Kratins

Roman Holiday Humor:
The Plays of Plautus as Festival Comedy.
Erich Segal

Sibyl and Sphinx:
Themes of Identity and Knowledge in Hawthorne .
Jac Lyndon Tharpe


The Ming Ch'uan-Ch'i Drama:
Anatomy of a Popular Theatre.
Lily Oan Shau Chou

Paracelsus and the Rhetoric of Substitution. 
Joseph Birdsall Dallett

The Virgilian Version of Pastoral. 
Charles Emmanuel Fantazzi

Strindberg and the Problem of Suffering. 
Barry Douglas Jacobs

Conrad's Settings:
A Study of Descriptive Style.
Irmina Teresa Laskowski

Views of Time in Shakespeare. 
Ricardo Joseph Quinones


The Buke of the Sevyne Sagis:
Edited from the Asloan Manuscript, with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary.
David Knight Crowne

Jakob Bidermann, Cenodoxus and Baroque Latin. 
Gerald Pierce Fitzgerald

The Pan Motif in Modern English Literature. 
Patricia Merivale

Aspects of the Later Plays of Euripides. 
Christian George Wolff


A Rogue's Progress: Studies in the Picaresque Novel. 
Robert B. Alter

Dostoevsky and Romantic Realism (Balzac, Dickens, Gogol). 
Donald L. Fanger

L'Esthétique de la Poésie de Gérard de Nerval. 
George R. Humphrey

Parody in the Late Works of Thomas Mann. 
Eva Schiffer

The Needs of a Man:
A Study of the Formation of Themes, Characters and Style in the Work of John Dos Passos.
Anthony Winner

Latin Satire:
The Classical Genre and its Medieval Developments.
Edward Charles Witke

Elektra by Sophocles:
The Dialectical Design.
Thomas Marion Woodard


Stendhal and the Uses of Irony. 
John H. Atherton

The Post-Romantic Predicament:
A Study in the Poetry of Mallarmé and Yeats.
Paul Michael deMan

Hesiod's Works and Days:
An Exemplar of the Ancient Greek Oral Style.
Berkley Peabody

The Use of the Theatre for the Presentation of Metaphysical Ideas:
A Comparative Study of William Butler Yeats and Paul Claudel.
Elsie W. Wiedner


The Transmigration of Form:
Recurrent Patterns of Imagination in the Odyssey and the Aeneid.
Albert A. Berman

Myth, Rite, and Symbol in the Odyssey. 
Howard W. Clarke

Praisers of Folly:
Erasmus, Rabelais, and Shakespeare.
Walter Kaiser

The Critical Reception of André Gide in Sweden . 
Eleanor E. Murdock

The Flight of the Seagull:
Chekhov's Plays on the English Stage.
Robert E. Tracy


The Comedy of Issues.
Arnold Joseph Band

The Self-Image of the Artist in French Literature (1820-1870).
Maurice Zorensky Shroder

The Prose Poem:
A Study of Genre in Nineteenth Century European Literature.
John Ivan Simon


Point of View in Fiction:
Studies of Narrative Techniques.
Leo Bersani

The Figure of the Poet in Renaissance Epic. 
Robert M. Durling

Materials for the Study of Pound's Cantos. 
Achilles Fang

Perspective and Characterization in the Works of Robert Musil. 
Burton E. Pike


Virginia Woolf as a Critic. 
Mary Copeland Lyon


Spenser, Ronsard and Du Bellay:
A Comparative Study.
Alfred Wanner Satterthwaite


George Moore's Development as a Novelist in Relation to French Realism. 
Dorothy Anne Hicks Lee

Nature and the Idea of Nature in Twentieth-century British Poetry. 
Harold Clark Martin

Lydgate's Siege of Thebes:
A Study in the Art of Adaption.
Alain Renoir

The Fiction of Ivan Bunin: A Critical Study. 
Edward Wasiolek


The Chronology of Pindar's Persian War and Sicilian Odes. 
Howard Curtis Bennett, Jr.

American Classics in Soviet Criticism. 
John Codman Fiske

La Queste Del Saint Graal:
A Structural Analysis.
Frederick William Locke

Alfred de Vigny and Anti-Romanticism. 
Irving Joseph Massey

The Composition of Turgenev's Novels. 
Ralph Eugene Matlaw


The San-Yen Collections:
A Study of the Colloquial Short Story in Seventeenth-century China.
John Lyman Bishop

The Anatomies of Roguery:
A Comparative Study in the Origins and the Nature of Picaresque Literature.
Claudio Guillén


Julio Herrera y Reissig:
A Symbolist Poet.
Bernardo Gicovate


The Classical Influence in Matthew Prior's Poetry. 
Alfred Brandon Conron


Literature and Society in the Critical Theory of V.G. Belinski (181l-1848). 
Herbert Eugene Bowman

Tiutchev and Germany:
The Relationship of his poetry to German Literature and Culture.
William Ames Coates


The Letters of Franz Liszt to Marie Zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. 
Howard Eppens Hugo

The Singer of Tales:
A Study in the Processes of Composition of Yugoslav, Greek and Germanic Oral Narrative Poetry.
Albert Bates Lord


Les Voyageurs Français au États-Unis pendant la Première Moitié du Dix-neuvième Siècle. 
Elisabeth Meredith Rodrigue


The Reception of Pindar in Germany during the Eighteenth Century. 
Gleason Leonard Archer, Jr.


The Influence of Goethe, Schiller, and E.T.A. Hoffmann in Russia , 1800-1840. 
Charles Edward Passage


The Beginnings of Poetry in Southern Europe Allegory in Edgar Allan Poe. 
Nazzareno Francesco Cedrone


The Avicienna Legend. 
Duncan Black Macdonald Emrich


An Old French Life of Saint Agnes, and other Vernacular Versions of the Middle Ages. 
Alexander Joseph Denomy, Jr.


Die Diesseits-Jenseits Spannung in der Englischen Barocklyrik. 
Werner Paul Friederich


Two J Versions of the Historia preliis in Italian Prose, with an Edition of the Nobili fatti che ff'e Alesandro di Macedonia, from MS. II, I, 62, of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze. 
Charles Arthur Messner


Amadas et Ydoine:
A Study in Comparative Literature.
John Revell Reinhard


The Development of Plot and Characterization in Early Greek and Early Elizabethan Tragedy, with Especial Reference to Aeschylus and Marlowe. 
James Buell Munn


The Contribution of G. F. Müller to Russian Historiography, with Some Consideration of A.L. Schlözer. 
Samuel Hazzard Cross

The Mediaeval Conception of Tragedy and Comedy
Amos Philip McMahon


The Relation of Giacomo Leopardi to Classical Antiquity. 
John Van Horne

Christine de Pisan and the Victorine Revival:
An Essay on Some of the Mediaeval Elements in French Classical Criticism.
Maud Elizabeth Temple, A.M.


The Supernatural in Tragedy. 
Charles Edward Whitmore


The Relations between Prose and Metrical Composition in Old Norse Literature. 
Henry Adams Bellows

The Comedies of Holberg:
A Study in Comparative Literature.
Oscar James Campbell, Jr.

Mediaeval Visions of the Other World. 
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana


Some Notes on Italian Borrowings from England in the Eighteenth Century. 
Arthur Beckwith Myrick

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