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Min Ji Choi

Graduate Student

Research Fields:
Realism, Anti-realism, fantasy (the fantastic and the fantasy genre novel), speculative fiction, science fiction, speculative realism, magical realism
Transmigration and translation of literary movements and institutions
East Asian media studies; East Asian cinema
Korean literature (pre-modern and modern)
Environmental Humanities (Anthropocene, Petrocene, Nuclear Futures)Apocalypse, eschatology, post-apocalypse
Stage and space in Early Modern English Drama
Poetics & Practical Criticism of English Poetry
Madness (broadly defined)
Post-dictatorship, postmemory studies
Cold War dialectics
Videogames & videogame theory
Literature and sound studiesEducation:    
PhD, Harvard University, Comparative Literature, (in progress)
MA, University College London, Comparative Literature
BA, University of Cambridge, EnglishLanguages: Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese, French (reading)