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Judith Ryan

Robert K. and Dale J. Weary Research Professor of German and Comparative Literature


Research Fields: German, English, and French literature, especially poetry and the novel, from 1770 to the present. Spacial interests include aestheticism and symbolism, modernism and the avant-garde, contemporary literature, colonialism and post-colonialism.

Education: B.A. Sydney University, Australia; PhD University of Münster, Germany.

Selected Works:  Her most recent publication is The Novel After Theory, 2011, a study of relations between French poststructuralist theory and novels from about 1980 to the present. A new book, The Cambridge Companion to German Poetry, will appear in late 2012. In addition, she has published books on Rilke (Rilke, Modernism, and Poetic Tradition, 1999; Umschlag und Verwandlung, 1972), the post-war German novel (The Uncompleted Past: Postwar German Novels and the Third Reich, 1983), and on the influence of nineteenth-century empiricism on early twentieth-century writers (The Vanishing Subject, 1991; and Cultures of Forgery: Making Nations, Making Selves, ed. Judith Ryan and Alfred Thomas, 2003). Judith Ryan is also a co-editor of the New History of German Literature, Harvard University Press, 2004.