Thesis Information and Resources

Recent Senior Thesis Titles include:

  • The Opposite of Television: David Foster Wallace on the Relationship between Television and Fiction
  • Ineffable Experience: Girlhood Trauma in Persepolis and A Child’s Life
  • The Rhetoric of Veiling: Veils and Subjectivity in Language, Love, and Epistemology
  • Transformed Voices: Projecting Fantasies of the Transgender Other in Middlesex, Habibi and Immaculate Conception.
  • Practicing Literature and Reading Medicine in Guadeloupe: An Approach to Ethics
  • Problems with Authority: The Romantic Irony of Futurism and Punk
  • Industrial Storytelling: Serialization, Television, and the Novel (on “The Wire” and selected novels of Emile Zola)
  • A Love that Ruined Cities: A Translation of and Commentary on Eileen Chang’s Qing cheng zhi lian

Here is a list of Senior Thesis Titles since 2005.