Department Administration

Melissa Carden

Melissa Carden

Department Administrator
Responsibilities include:
-Graduate program administration
-Budget and payroll
-Faculty affairs
-Visiting Scholar applications
-Curricular planning and course catalog
-Overall management of administrative, financial, and staff operations
p: 617-495-2543
David Damrosch

David Damrosch

Chair, Department of Comparative Literature
Ernest Bernbaum Professor of Comparative Literature
Director, Institute for World Literature

Research Fields: Theory and methods of comparative literature and world literary studies; Bible and ancient Near Eastern literatures; modern European and global Anglophone literatures. Current research projects include a book on the discipline of Comparative Literature, and a book on the role of global scripts in the formation of national literatures. Read more about David Damrosch

On leave Fall 2017-Spring 2018
Office: Dana-Palmer House 201
p: 617-496-7031
Luis  Manuel Girón-Negrón

Luis Manuel Girón-Negrón

Professor of Comparative Literature and of Romance Languages and Literatures
Director of Graduate Studies

Research Fields: Spanish Literature (Medieval and Golden Age); Arabic and Hebrew Literatures (Middle Ages); History of Religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the Middle Ages); Historical Linguistics; Comparative Literature. Read more about Luis Manuel Girón-Negrón

Office: Dana-Palmer House 104
16 Quincy Street
p: 617-495-2567
Office Hours: Fall 2017: TBA
Odile  Harter

Odile Harter

Research Librarian, Harvard College Library
Library Liaison to the Department of Comparative Literature

Subject Areas: English, Comparative Literature, Romance Languages and Literature (French and Italian), General Education                                                                                                                                              

Read more about Odile Harter

Office: Widener Library, Room 220 617-496-8028
p: 617-496-8028
Isaure Mignotte

Isaure Mignotte

Department Coordinator
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Responsibilities include:
- Undergraduate program administration
- Graduate students chapter/prospectus/orals meetings and New Admits Day scheduling
- Financial transactions processing: reimbursements/invoices/honoraria
- Events coordinator
- Classrooms
- Dana-Palmer building maintenance
- Webmaster

Languages: English and French

Room 106 - Dana-Palmer House, 16 Quincy Street
Office Hours: M-F 9-5
p: 617-495-4186
Sandra Naddaff

Sandra Naddaff

Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Comparative Literature
Dean, Harvard Summer School

Research Fields: English, French, Arabic Narrative; 1001 Nights; Translation; Literature and Music; Arab-American Ethnic Identity; Cross-Cultural Literary Relations between the Arab Middle East and western Europe. Read more about Sandra Naddaff

Room 209 - Dana-Palmer House
Office Hours by appointment: please call 617-495-4186 or email Isaure at to book your appointment at that time. Outside office hours, appointment requests should be sent to Dr. Naddaff directly.
p: 617-495-5650
Office Hours: Fall 2017: TBA

Yun Ni

Graduate Student
Department Teaching Fellow 2016-2017

Research Fields: Medieval English Literature, Classical and Medieval Latin Literature, Old French Literature, Medieval English and German Mysticism; Theology and Intellectual History, Continental Philosophy, Literary and Critical Theory. Read more about Yun Ni

Office hours: Friday 4-5pm
Office: Barker 019A, 12 Quincy Street