2022-2023 Courses

The 2022-2023 course catalogue, along with full course descriptions, will be available at my.harvard.edu later in June. To search for Comparative Literature courses, use the following path: FAS / Arts and Humanities / Comparative Literature. In the left tab, select the term "Fall 2022" to limit your results to all active courses of that specific semester. Sorting by course catalogue number will also give you a chronologial order of the courses.

FALL 2022:
Below, please find our Fall 2022 departmental and cross-listed offerings as well as their course sites.


Course name




COMPLIT 102Y: Literary Biography & Documentary Film

Thomas Wisniewski

Tues. 3-5:45pm  

COMPLIT 107/YIDDISH 107: The Politics of Yiddish

Saul Zaritt

COMPLIT 109: On Translation Sandra Naddaff

Wed. 12-2:45pm



COMPLIT 119X/NEC 107: The History of the Book: Using Harvard's Greatest Treasures to Study the Material Text

David Stern

Th. 3-5:45pm  
COMPLIT 121X: Culture of Convenience John Hamilton Wed. 3-5pm  

COMPLIT 153/SLAVIC 154: Nabokov

Justin Weir

Th. 6:45-8:45pm  

COMPLIT 157: From Type to Self in the Middle Ages

Luis Girón-Negrón

Wed. 9-11:45am  

COMPLIT 213X: Sounds, Space, and Politics

Junting Huang

Th. 12:45-2:45pm  

COMPLIT 224/JEWISHST 224: Jew Theory

Saul Zaritt

Th. 9-11:45pm  

COMPLIT 242X: Greek Antiquity and German Thought: From Nietzsche to Heidegger


Panagiotis Roilos
Wed. 12:45-2:45pm  

COMPLIT 299ar: Proseminar: Comparative Literature in Theory and Practice

David Damrosch

Tues. 9:45-11:45am  

COMPLIT 343 AA, BA, CA: Professing Literature

Verena Conley

Tues. 6-8 pm

Course Name Instructor Date/Time/Room: please check the catalogue  
ENGLISH 90RV: Empire and Revolution, Sex and Gender, Race, Slavery, and Abolition James Engell    
FRSEMR 33C: Borges, García Márquez, Bolaño and Other Classics of Modern Latin American Fiction and Poetry Mariano Siskind    
FRSEMR 64O: Migratory Identities David Damrosch    
FRSEMR 64U: Stories of Gender and Justice Karen Thornber    
FRSEMR 65E: Wit, Irony, Comedy Thomas Wisniewski    
GENED 1074: The Ancient Greek Hero Greg Nagy    
GENED 1144: Mental Health and Mental Illness Through Literature and the Arts Karen Thornber    
Ital 245: A Fascist Century Jeffrey Schnapp    
ROM-STD 201/GERMAN 291: Questions of Theory Nicole Suetterlin, Doris Sommer    
SLAVIC 171: The Holocaust in Polish Memory and Culture Aleksandra Kremer    
SLAVIC 260: Russia and Race Justin Weir    
SPANISH 194: The Borges Machine Mariano Siskind    

SPRING 2023:
Below, please find our Spring 2023 departmental and cross-listed offerings.


Course name




COMPLIT 97: Sophomore Tutorial

Thomas Wisniewski



COMPLIT 100X: Introduction to German Literature and Thought

John Hamilton    
COMPLIT 106/ YIDDISH 115: The Yiddish Short Story: Folk Tales, Monologues, and Post-Apocalyptic Parables Saul Zaritt    
COMPLIT 108: Translating World Literature Luke Leafgren    
COMPLIT 115X: The Short Story as World Literature Thomas Wisniewski    

COMPLIT 140X: Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature: Political Transformation and Social Change across a Decolonizing Twentieth Century

Annette Lienau

COMPLIT 162: Homer And Beyond: Theory And Comparative Methods In Studying Oral Traditions Greg Nagy    
COMPLIT 166/YIDDISH 166: Jews, Humor, and the Politics of Laughter Saul Zaritt    
COMPLIT 170A/ CLS-STDY 170: Black Classicisms: Adaptations of Ancient Greek & Roman Classics in Africa, the Caribbean, & the US Emily Greenwood    

COMPLIT 187X: Global New Media and Art

Junting Huang


COMPLIT 193/ Divinity School 3725: What’s Love Got to Do with It? Love Poetry of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Luis Girón-Negrón

COMPLIT 223X: Post-War Confessions: Albert Camus and Günter Grass

John Hamilton


COMPLIT 238: After Orientalism: Writing across Arabic-Islamic Contact Zones

Annette Lienau

COMPLIT 234A/ CLS-STDY 234: Black Classicisms: A Research Seminar and Pedagogy Workshop Emily Greenwood    
COMPLIT 277: Literature, Diaspora, Migration, and Trauma Karen Thornber    

COMPLIT 279: Knowledge Design: What should or could (scholarly) knowledge look like in the 21st century?

Jeffrey Schnapp    
COMPLIT 283: Language War: Seminar

Marc Shell

COMPLIT 296: The Environmental Humanities: Critical Zones and Trajectories

Verena Conley, Diana Sorensen


COMPLIT 343 AB, BB, CB: Professing Literature

Verena Conley Tues 6-8pm Dana-Palmer 102
ALBANIAN AA: Elementary Modern Albanian I TBA TBD  
ALBANIAN BA: Intermediate Modern Albanian I TBA TBD  
ALBANIAN 101 A: Advanced Modern Albanian I TBA TBD  



Course Name Instructor    

ENGLISH 290MH/ROM-STD 290: Migration and the Humanities

Homi Bhabha, Mariano Siskind

FRSEM 63N: Narrative Negotiations: How do Readers and Writers Decide Homi Bhabha    
GENED 1030: The Philosopher and the Tyrant David Damrosch  


GENED 1090: What is a Book? From the Clay Tablet to the Kindle David Stern    
SPANSH 157: Thinking Beyond the Human: Persons, Things and the Environment in Latin American Culture Diana Sorensen