2019-2020 Courses

The 2019-2020 course catalogue, along with full course descriptions, is available at my.harvard.edu. To search for Comparative Literature courses, use the following path: FAS / Arts and Humanities / Comparative Literature. In advance search, select the term "2020 Spring" to limit your search to that semester.  

Below, please find our Spring 2020 departmental and cross-listed offerings: Classrooms are available on my.harvard.edu.

For your convenience, here is also a downloadable Spring 2020 Course Schedule (organized by course number and by weekly schedule).




COMPLIT 97: Sophomore Tutorial

Annette Lienau

Section 1: Fri 9:45-11:45am

Section 2: Fri 3-5pm

COMPLIT 106/YIDDISH 115: The Yiddish Short Story: Folk Tales, Monologues, and Post-Apocalyptic Parables

Saul Zaritt

Wed 9-11am

COMPLIT 108: Translating World Literature

Luke Leafgren

TTh 10:30-11:45am

COMPLIT 122/SLAVIC184: Soviet Theory and the West

Justin Weir

Thurs 3-5pm

COMPLIT 134: World Cinema

Katharina Piechocki

Mon 3-5pm + screenings Tue 6-8:45pm

COMPLIT 143/HEBREW 131/HDS 1456: The Jewish Library: Four Jewish Classics

David Stern

Thurs 3-5:45pm

COMPLIT 151/SLAVIC 112: Science Fiction

Jacob Emery

MW 12-1:15pm

COMPLIT 156: Performance and Lyric

Gregory Nagy

Mon 12:45-2:45pm

COMPLIT 166/YIDDISH 166/HDS 2025: Jews, Humor, and the Politics of Laughter

Saul Zaritt

TTh 1:30-2:45pm

COMPLIT 167: Hebrew 167/HDS 1453: Prayer and Prayerbook (Tefillah and Siddur) David Stern

Tues 12:45-3:30pm

CANCELLED: COMPLIT 181/GERMAN 185: Fallen Grace: Heinrich von Kleist

John T. Hamilton


COMPLIT 204/ENGLISH 292PH: Public Humanities Workshop

Martin Puchner

Wed 3-5pm

COMPLIT 212/GERMAN 287: Literature on Trial: Kafka in Paris

John T. Hamilton

Fri 12:45-2:45pm

COMPLIT 260: Literary Translation: A Workshop

Thomas Wisniewski

Tues 3-5:45pm

COMPLIT 277: Literature, Diaspora, and Global Trauma

Karen Thornber

Wed 12:45-2:45pm

COMPLIT 288: The Ancients and the Moderns: Modern Critical Theory and the Classics

Panagiotis Roilos

Wed 6-8pm

COMPLIT 296: Mobility and Materiality: Case Studies in Networks of Collecting and Displacement

Diana Sorensen

Wed 3-5pm

COMPLIT 343 AB, BB, CB Professing Literature

Verena Conley

Tues 6-8pm


AFRAMER 196Y: African Literature and the Poetics of Memory Bojana Coulibaly Thurs 12-2:45pm

ARABIC 150R: Travel and Autobiography in Arabic Literature

Shady Nasser

Mon 3-5:45pm

CHNSLIT 245R: Topics in Sinophone Studies - Modern Chinese Fiction on the Periphery

David Wang

Mon 12:45-2:45pm

FRENCH 174: Mediterranean Crossings: Exiles, Migrants and Refugees

Verena Conley

Th 3-5pm

FRENCH 262: Transnationalism and the Francophone World: Race, Gender, Sexuality

Françoise Lionnet

Wed 12:45-2:45pm

GENED 1021: The Stories We Tell

David Damrosch, Martin Puchner

MW 1:30-2:45pm

HUMAN 10B: A Humanities Colloquium: From Joyce to Homer

Louis Menand, Leah Whittington, David Armitage, Samantha Matherne, David Elmer, Katharina Piechocki

Tues 10:30-11:45am

RELIGION 61: Literature of Modern Religious Experience and Reflection: Texts in the Christian Tradition

James Engell

Wed 3-5:45pm

ROM-STD 140: Latin American Cities and Visual Cultures

Bruno Carvalho

Wed 3-5:30pm
SAS 185: Writing Modern South Asia Sravanthi Kollu TTh 1:30-2:45pm

SLAVIC 171: The Holocaust in Polish Memory and Culture

Aleksandra Kremer

Th 9:45-11:45am


Fall 2019:

Below, please find our Fall 2019 departmental and cross-listed offerings with links to the Canvas course sites.

For your convenience, here is also a downloadable Fall 2019 Course Schedule (organized by course number and by weekly schedule).

COURSE LIST and Title INSTRUCTOR Date/Time Room (check on my.harvard for any updates)
COMPLIT 102: Comparing, Connecting, Compos(t)ing: Comparative Literature from Lucretius to Elfriede Jelinek Katharina Piechocki Thurs 9:45-11:45AM Dana Palmer 102
COMPLIT 109: On Translation Sandra Naddaff Wed 12:45-2:45PM Dana Palmer 102
COMPLIT 128: Modernism in Theory and Practice David Damrosch Mon 3:45-5:45PM Dana Palmer 102
COMPLIT 147: Global Crime Fiction: Tackling Crime, Corruption, and Social Disintegration Karen Thornber Mon 6:00-8:00PM CGIS S050
COMPLIT: 153 / SLAVIC 154: Nabokov Justin Weir Wed 6:00-8:00PM Barker 373
COMPLIT 157: From Type to Self in the Middle Ages Luis Giron Negron MW 9:00-10:15AM Dana Palmer 102
COMPLIT 172: Comparative Literatures of the Indian Ocean Annette Lienau Mon 12:00-1:30PM Dana Palmer 103
COMPLIT 180 / GER 180:Bargaining with the Devil: the Faust Legend John Hamilton Wed 3:00-5:00PM Davison - Music Dpt.
COMPLIT 228 / ENG 256:Comparative Romanticism: Practice and Theory James Engell Wed 12:00-2:45PM Barker 269
COMPLIT 248: Literature, Cartography, and the Spatial Turn from Homer to Claire Coleman Katharina Piechocki Thurs 12:00-2:45PM Dana Palmer 102
COMPLIT 274: Politics of Aesthetics: New Materialisms and Environmental Humanities  Verena Conley Thurs 3:00-5:45PM Dana Palmer 102
COMPLIT 299AR:Comparative Literature in Theory and Practice David Damrosch Tues 9:45-11:45AM Dana Palmer 102
COMPLIT 343 AA, BA, CA Professing Literature Verena Conley Tues 6-8PM Dana Palmer 102
ENGLISH 146ET: An Enlightenment for Today? James Engell TTh 1:30-2:45PM Emerson 108
FRSEMR 33C: Borges, García Márquez, Bolaño and Other Classics of Modern Latin American Fiction and Poetry Mariano Siskind Mon 3:00-5:00PM Sever 101
FRSEMR 61C: Spanish-American Culture and Society in the 1960s—The Last Utopia? Diana Sorensen Wed 3:00-5:00PM Sever 212
GENED 1155: Literatures of Decolonization Annette Lienau Mon 3:00-5:45PM Sever 310
GENED 1078: Disease, Illness, and Health through Literature Karen Thornber MW 3:00-4:15PM CGIS South S020
GENED 1020: Security John Hamilton TTh 1:30-2:45PM

Menschel Hall
Harvard Art Museums

GERMAN 108: Introduction to the History of the Modern Self: Meister Eckhart and His Successors Ben Morgan Fri 9:45-11:45AM Barker 211
GERMAN 222: Schelling, Goethe, and Dorothea and Friedrich Schlegel c. 1809: A Genealogy of the Present Ben Morgan Th. 12-2:45PM Sever 109

JEWISHST 160: Berlin: German Capital, Jewish Center

Rachel Seelig Tue 9-11PM Semitic Museum 201
ROM-STD 201: Questions of Theory Doris Sommer, Nicole Suetterlin Fri 9:45-11:45am Barker Center 133