2021-2022 Courses

The 2021-2022 course catalogue, along with full course descriptions, is now available at my.harvard.edu. To search for Comparative Literature courses, use the following path: FAS / Arts and Humanities / Comparative Literature. In the left tab, select the term "2021 Fall" to limit your results to all active courses that semester. Sorting by course catalogue number gives you a chronologial order of the courses.

FALL 2021:
Below, please find our Fall 2021 departmental and cross-listed offerings as well as their course sites.


Course name




COMPLIT 120: Argentine Tango: Poetry, Music, and the Dance

Thomas Wisniewski

Tues 3-5:45pm
+ section Tue 6-8pm

Dana-Palmer Seminar Room
+ Section room Farkas 203

COMPLIT 121: From the 1001 Nights to the Arabian Nights: Adaptations, Transformations, and Translations

Sandra Naddaff

Wed 12-2:45pm

Dana-Palmer Seminar Room

COMPLIT 156: Songmaking and the Idea of Lyric

Gregory Nagy

Mon 12:45-2:45pm Boylston 203

COMPLIT 170/FRENCH 177: Poetic Revolutions in French and Francophone Poetry of the 19th and 20th century

Verena Conley

Wed 9-11am Dana-Palmer Seminar Room

COMPLIT 175/GERMAN 175/MUSIC 175R: Mahler and the Finis Austriae

John Hamilton, Federico Cortese

Mon 3-5pm Music PH6

COMPLIT 212/GERMAN 287: Literature on Trial: Kafka in Paris

John Hamilton

Wed 12:45-2:45pm Barker 403

COMPLIT 252/HDW 3726: The Literatures of Medieval Iberia: Approaches and Debates in their Comparative Study

Luis Girón-Negrón

Mon 9-11:45am Dana-Palmer Seminar Room

COMPLIT 260: Literary Translation: Advanced Workshop

Thomas Wisniewski

Thu 6-8:45pm Dana-Palmer Seminar Room

COMPLIT 274: Politics of Aesthetics: New Materialisms and Environmental Humanities

Verena Conley

Thu 12:45-2:45pm Boylston 403

COMPLIT 298: Allegory

Panagiotis Roilos

Mon 6-8pm

Dana-Palmer Seminar Room

COMPLIT 299ar: Proseminar: Comparative Literature in Theory and Practice

Marc Shell

Thu 3-5pm Course taught on zoom

COMPLIT 343 AA, BA, CA: Professing Literature

Verena Conley

Tues 6-8 pm

Dana-Palmer Seminar Room
Course Name Instructor Date/Time Classrooms: please check the catalogue

CHNSLIT 212: Modern Chinese Literary Discourse: A Comparative Survey 

David Wang   Mon 3-5:45pm  
CHNSLIT 267R: Topics in Tang Literature: Seminar Xiaofei Tian   Thu 12:45-2:45pm  
ENGLISH 90WL: The Future of World Literature Martin Puchner Tues 12:45-2:45pm  
FRSEMR 62J: Harvard’s Greatest Hits: The Most Important, Rarest, and Most Valuable Books in Houghton Library David Stern Thu 3-5:45pm  
FRSEMR 62O: Fascism Past/Present/(Future) Jeffrey Schnapp Thu 9-11am  

FRSEMR 63N: Narrative Negotiations: How do Readers and Writers Decide

Homi Bhabha Tues 12:45-2:45pm  

GENED 1074: The Ancient Greek Hero

Gregory Nagy Tues-Th 12-1:15pm  

MODGRK 124: Greek World Literature

Panagiotis Roilos Tue 6-8pm  

MODMDEST 200A: Approaches to Middle Eastern Studies: Seminar: Middle Eastern Lives

William Granara Mon 3-5pm  
ROM-STD 201: Questions of Theory Doris Sommer Fri 12:45-2:45pm