Graduate Students

Manuel Azuaje Alamo

Manuel Azuaje Alamo

Graduate Student

Research Fields: Classical and Modern Japanese Literature, Hispano American Literature (Castilian and Lusophone), Translation Theory, Chinese and Korean modern literature and languages.

Phoebe Carter

Phoebe Bay Carter

Graduate Student
Research Fields: Arabic literature (classical and modern); modern Latin American literature; translation theory and practice; migration and rights; prison and confinement; escape, escapism and fantasy; psychoanalysis; the Frankfurt School; posthuman and animal studies; feminist theory and gender studies; postcolonial theory; global South solidarities; Latin America-Middle East connections and exchanges.
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Min Ji

Min Ji Choi

Graduate Student
Department Teaching Fellow 2022-2023
Liaison Committee Member
Research Fields:
Realism, Anti-realism, fantasy (the fantastic and the fantasy genre novel), speculative fiction, science fiction, speculative realism, magical realism
Transmigration and translation of literary movements and institutions
East Asian media studies; East Asian cinema
Korean literature (pre-modern and modern)
Environmental Humanities (Anthropocene, Petrocene, Nuclear Futures)... Read more about Min Ji Choi

Paul Chouchana

Graduate Student

Research Fields:
- Critical Theory / Poetics (Frankfurt School, French Theory, phenomenology, moral and political philosophy, psychoanalysis, semiotics, new materialism)
-19th and 20th century European novel, specifically in Russian, French, and English.
- Film theory and history
-Translation Studies and practice
- Education policy and equity
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Zhisheng Ivy Deng

Graduate Student
Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow 2022-2023
Research Fields:
  • Transcultural and global articulations of materialism and new materialism; environmental humanities; animal studies and posthumanism;
  • Biopolitics; corporeality; materiality
  • Postcolonial and diaspora studies
  • Media studies; mediality; contemporary art, especially performance art... Read more about Zhisheng Ivy Deng