Schnapp Profile

Jeffrey Schnapp (he/him)

Chair, Department of Comparative Literature
Carl A. Pescosolido Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and of Comparative Literature
Faculty co-director of Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Affiliate of the Department of Architecture at the GSD

Research Interests: knowledge design; media history and theory; the history of the book; the future of archives, museums, and libraries; Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio; 12th-14th-century Romance literatures; Futurism and the avant-gardes; 20th-century architecture and industrial design; the fascist decades in Italy; radical pedagogies 1960s to present; curatorial practice as a form of scholarship; critical making. 
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Office: Boylston Hall 423
p: 617-495-2528
Office Hours: Fall 2022: Wed 3-5pm in Boylston Hall 423

Lindsey Aakre

Associate Scholar

Research Fields: Comparative poetics, Classical Chinese poetry, early modern lyric consciousness, folk and fairy tales, "World Literature" and the humanities. My dissertation is on eleventh-century Chinese poets and the practice of poetic modeling.... Read more about Lindsey Aakre

Manuel Azuaje Alamo

Manuel Azuaje Alamo

Graduate Student

Research Fields: Classical and Modern Japanese Literature, Hispano American Literature (Castilian and Lusophone), Translation Theory, Chinese and Korean modern literature and languages.


Rita Banerjee

Associate Scholar

Research Fields: Comparative modernisms, comparative Marxisms, modern South Asian literature and intellectual history, multilingualism, translation and performance, speculative fiction and genre literature, feminism in world literature, race and class, avant-garde and art house film, deconstructions of postcolonial canons, lyric essay and narrative as provocation.

Email: banerjee[at]

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Therese Banks

Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow 2022-2023
Graduate Student in Romance Languages and Literature

Research Fields: Medieval (13th-14th centuries) & Early Modern French Literature (16th-17th centuries) including poetry and prose; imaginations of national and community identities, including issues of gender and race; intersections of literature and political theory.

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Sebastian Brass

Tutorial Board Teaching Fellow 2020-2021
Graduate Student in Germanic Languages and Literatures

Research Fields: German, Swiss, and Austrian literatures (and philosophy) of the 18th – 20th centuries, especially romanticism, realism, classical modernity, and Gruppe 47; American and German postmodern fiction; novels of formation/institution (Bildungsroman/Institutionenroman); history and theory of autobiography and autofiction (German, French, American); epistemic and literary case narratives; media theory and media aesthetics of reading/writing scenes; theories of fiction and imagination; narratology.... Read more about Sebastian Brass