Welcome from the Chair

Formally established in 1906 with the appointment of William Henry Schofield, Harvard’s Department of Comparative Literature enjoyed a prestigious history throughout the twentieth century, and it has taken on an expanded role in the twenty-first century. With a faculty that has included such scholars as Irving Babbitt, Albert Lord, Harry Levin, Claudio Guillén, and Barbara Johnson, the department has played a crucial role in shaping what remains a polymorphous discipline.
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Welcome from the Director of Graduate Studies

Welcome to Harvard’s graduate program in Comparative Literature, one of the most dynamic and diverse in the country. Our twenty-seven faculty members and nearly fifty graduate students have come from across the globe to study, teach, and publish on literatures in several dozen languages from a wide range of historical periods.
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Welcome from the Director of Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate concentration in Comparative Literature offers students the opportunity to design a program of study that works across languages, cultures, and media in a comparative and interdisciplinary context. The open, flexible nature of the concentration allows students to develop an individualized program of study that incorporates literary and cultural analysis in the exploration of any number of fields and disciplines both within and beyond the Humanities.

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